The Carousel Painter

Book title: The Carousel Painter

Author: Judith Miller

Starting age:  14


Carrington Brouwer finds herself in Ohio at her rich friend’s home after her father’s death. She is in need of a job, but lacks the skills to become a lady’s maid or seamstress – two of the few jobs that single women are allowed to do.

If only she could get a job where she could do what she does best – paint. When Carrington finds out that a painter is needed at her friend’s father’s carousel factory, she enlists the help of an unlikely ally to secure the job.The Carousel Painter

But the men aren’t one bit happy about having to work with a woman, and Carrington finds herself despised by all. Worse than that, she doesn’t even get to paint!

But Carrington finds that her problems are just beginning when Continue reading “The Carousel Painter”


The Door Within

Book title: The Door Within (The Door Within Trilogy #1)

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson

Starting age: 13


Aidan Thomas is disgusted with how his life is going. He’s had to move across away from his best (and only) friend, he knows no one in town, and he’s saddled with his wheelchair-bound grandfather. And the nightmares he’s having aren’t adding anything pleasant to the situation either.The Door Within

But when scrolls suddenly appear, Aidan can’t help but read them. Scoffed by his parents, he keeps quiet, but the scrolls are ever present in his mind.

Aidan takes a step of faith and enters into a world he never knew existed – a world on the brink of war. Continue reading “The Door Within”

The Book of the King

Book title: The Book of the King (The Wormling Series #1)

Authors: Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry

Starting age: 13


Owen Reeder has never been anything special. How could he when he is ultra-shy, totally geeky, and limps when he walks? The only friends Owen has are those within the covers of books. Well, and an annoying little girl Owen has nicknamed “Constant.”

When a mysterious man comes into Owen’s father’s bookstore and offers Owen a book unlike any he has ever seen, Owen is ready to snatch it up. And Book of the Kinghe would have if his father hadn’t chased the mystery man out of the building.

But what Owen doesn’t realize is that when he opens the book, his whole life will forever be changed. Owen finds himself Continue reading “The Book of the King”

Coming Through the Rye

Book title: Coming Through the Rye

Author: Grace Livingston Hill

Starting age: 13


Romayne Ransom adores her father and brother, so when she returns home from a cancelled party, she is in shock to find an elite police force headed by Evan Sherwood there lying in wait to arrest her family members.the Rye

When her father and brother arrive and her father is attacked by a horrific stroke, Romayne finds that the only one she can lean on is God.

Evan Sherwood pities the pretty, young Miss Ransom, but all his offers to help her are turned down. Smarting from being snubbed, Evan secretly assists Romayne. But a bullet nearly ends his career – and life.

Romayne heads to her new job, but it’s not long before an enemy comes to make good on a threat. Continue reading “Coming Through the Rye”

The Captive Maiden

Book title: The Captive Maiden

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Starting age: 15


Gisela misses the days when her father was alive. The days when she experienced love, laughter, and family. Now all she experiences is her stepmother’s cruel tongue and hard work.

Valten’s parents want him to get married. Thing is, he haCaptive Maidensn’t come across a girl who has caught his eye…until now.

Romance begins to bloom, but will it be squashed under a nefarious scheme plotted by Gisela’s stepmother and a sworn enemy of Valten’s? Continue reading “The Captive Maiden”

Cloak of the Light

Book title: Cloak of the Light (book 1 in the War of the Realms series)

Author: Chuck Black

Starting age:  13


Drew Carter has no need for God. Why should he when God took away his father whom Drew loved dearly?

Cloak of the Light When a horrific accident occurs, Drew finds his world changed dramatically when he sees what no one else can. Invaders. What stymies Drew is that some are good, some bad; and they are at war.

What Drew doesn’t know is that he is watching a war for the world. A war that might just help lead him in the direction of the God that he scoffs.


Sticking with it, having faith in God even in a tough time, defending the underdog, doing the right thing, and not giving into pressure (in this case it’s drinking), are all quality ideas embedded in this book.


A few of Drew’s comrades get drunk.

Enjoyable Rating:

5 out of 5

Musings (see my tab How I Rate the Books):

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My thoughts: 

Cloak of the Light is a captivating well-written book that grabs your attention, twists your heartstrings, and gives a glance into what spiritual warfare could look like, and by far one of my favorites. I’ve had this book for two years, and have probably read it eight times. After you’re done reading it for the first time, you’ll immediately go to the front and start over. It’s that good.

If you’re looking for a book that  will challenge your faith and give you hours of enjoyable reading, I would highly recommend Cloak of the Light.

The light invader made one quick slice that found its mark deep in an opponent’s chest, then turned, dodged two rounds, and used the brick wall to launch himself at the dark invader attacking from above.

About me

I’m a homeschooled Christian teen with a voracious appetite for books. The problem is, there aren’t many books out there for those of us who don’t enjoy reading reading books  with immoral practices, vile language, and indecent topics in them.

So I decided to go on a hunt for books that I would be able to read with Jesus looking over my shoulder-books I wouldn’t be ashamed to read in His presence, for as Paul says in his letter to the Philippians “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Philippians 4:8). I can say with certainty that 98% of the teen books I have seen do not pass the test that Paul has laid down for us.

When I was twelve, I was ready to move on from the children’s section, so I decided to try out the YA area in the library.  The YA section quickly became known as “The Dark Side” in my family, and for a good reason: there is next to no “edible” material in the teen section that won’t give me reader’s indigestion.

But have no fear…

Since then, I have discovered many wonderful Christian authors that write books either for teens in particular or that are acceptable for teen reading; I will be reviewing those and many more on this blog.