The Captive Maiden

Book title: The Captive Maiden

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Starting age: 15


Gisela misses the days when her father was alive. The days when she experienced love, laughter, and family. Now all she experiences is her stepmother’s cruel tongue and hard work.

Valten’s parents want him to get married. Thing is, he haCaptive Maidensn’t come across a girl who has caught his eye…until now.

Romance begins to bloom, but will it be squashed under a nefarious scheme plotted by Gisela’s stepmother and a sworn enemy of Valten’s? If, and only if Gisela and Valten are able to escape the danger surrounding them will they discover the future God has planned.


Gisela resists revenge on her stepmother, Valten fights for Gisela’s honor, faiths in God are strengthened, and new friendships are forged.


Gisela and Valten are locked in a room together (nothing improper happens).

Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

There is no impropriety and no foul language. The Captive Maiden sweeps you up into a time with dukes, knights, fair maidens, and chivalry. This book is a marvelous retelling of a popular fairy tale, mixed with faith in God.

For any teen girls wanting a sweet, clean, captivating,romance, I highly recommend this book.


“Almost you persuade me. But Valten and I must end our fight now, once and for all. I will take him to my castle in Bruchen, and there we shall have our final duel.”




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