Coming Through the Rye

Book title: Coming Through the Rye

Author: Grace Livingston Hill

Starting age: 13


Romayne Ransom adores her father and brother, so when she returns home from a cancelled party, she is in shock to find an elite police force headed by Evan Sherwood there lying in wait to arrest her family members.the Rye

When her father and brother arrive and her father is attacked by a horrific stroke, Romayne finds that the only one she can lean on is God.

Evan Sherwood pities the pretty, young Miss Ransom, but all his offers to help her are turned down. Smarting from being snubbed, Evan secretly assists Romayne. But a bullet nearly ends his career – and life.

Romayne heads to her new job, but it’s not long before an enemy comes to make good on a threat. Can Evan rescue Romayne in time?


Family loyalty, faith in God, perseverance, and compassion all shine through brightly.


Some people are described as drunk.

Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

Coming Through the Rye is one of my favorite Grace Livingston Hill books. This was actually the first book I had read of hers. By the third page, I was hooked.

What really pulled me into this book is Roymane’s loyalty to her father. Although he is a criminal, she lovingly nurses him until his death.

Evan also deserves some accolades for his compassion, gentleness, and his work in striving to keep his beloved city safe.


Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them all. ~ Thoreau




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