The Carousel Painter

Book title: The Carousel Painter

Author: Judith Miller

Starting age:  14


Carrington Brouwer finds herself in Ohio at her rich friend’s home after her father’s death. She is in need of a job, but lacks the skills to become a lady’s maid or seamstress – two of the few jobs that single women are allowed to do.

If only she could get a job where she could do what she does best – paint. When Carrington finds out that a painter is needed at her friend’s father’s carousel factory, she enlists the help of an unlikely ally to secure the job.The Carousel Painter

But the men aren’t one bit happy about having to work with a woman, and Carrington finds herself despised by all. Worse than that, she doesn’t even get to paint!

But Carrington finds that her problems are just beginning when her friend’s suitor makes unwelcome advances on her, and when she is targeted for a crime she didn’t even commit.

Can Carrington convince the police that she didn’t commit the crime? And what about her growing feelings for the grumpy manager at the factory? Will Carrington turn from her pride and to God before her whole world spirals out of control?


The study of God’s Word is encouraged, faith is grown, and the lesson is learned that trusting in God is the best thing to do, even in the hardest of circumstances.


A few parts of the book are a bit confusing if you don’t read through it slowly.

Enjoyable rating:

4 out of 5


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My thoughts:

What makes this book unique is that it is written in first person. The way that Judith Miller paints Brouwer’s emotions and feelings is stupendous, and the first person POV makes it all the better. Miller did an excellent job writing The Carousel Painter, and with the attention capturing POV, I found myself quickly entranced by the book.

Life is better with your nose in a book.


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