The Gifted

Book title: The Gifted

Author: Matthew Dickerson

Starting age: 14


Elynna watched her village be attacked by the dreaded Daegmon Lord. Few survived. Heading to Citadel in hopes of securing help, Elynna is disappointed by the outcome.

Joining a band of survivors, she leads the group in hunting down the Daegmon Lord. Their The Giftedgoal? To put an end to the horrific murders and terror their enemy is carrying out. After a deadly battle, the Daegmon is finally slayed. But at a great cost, for there are few among Elynna’s comrades that are not severally injured.

Returning back to the battle site, horror spreads when there is no sign of the body. Traveling and searching for answers, Elynna’s band is betrayed, captured, and taken to Citadel. With the order of their deaths, the captives see their last remnants of hope slipping away. But what will happen when an unlikely ally comes to their aid?


Defending the innocent is a main thread in The Gifted.


Elynna is a bit ridiculous with a crush she has, and in turn, is rude to a comrade.

Enjoyable rating:

4 out of 5


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My thoughts:

The Gifted delves into the mind of one struggling to banish an evil foe, and Matthew Dickerson does it well.

The attention to detail is wonderful, and the landscapes come to life as you read. The characters are well written, and I found myself holding my breath as I read the battle scene. The Gifted leaves you wanting more and waiting impatiently for the next book in the series to come out.

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. – Mark Twain



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