Chapel Springs Revival

Book title: Chapel Springs Revival

Author: Ane Mulligan

Starting age: 15


Claire Bennett has a habit of sticking her mouth in her foot. Fortunately for her, she always has her best friend, Patsy, to rescue her from the… predicaments that Claire finds herself in.

But right now, that’s the least of her worries. Her husband is despondent, her eldest son is getting married, and she and her entrepreneur friends are giving Chapel Springs a   Chapel Springs Revivalmakeover.

Add in that the mayor is a pain in the derriere, the soon-to-be-blushing bride’s mother is quite difficult (that’s the nice way of saying it) and wants Claire to handle everything, and that Patsy is also having marital issues, and trouble is bound to happen.

From nearly burning down a building, to almost being late to her son’s wedding, Claire and Patsy must somehow survive the coming weeks. But that might not be humanly possible. Can they count on God to carry them through?


Forgiveness is shown, and the lesson taught that communication is the best thing. Also, not giving up on your spouse just because they are a bit difficult is an important thread.


Patsy and Claire assume the worst about someone, and Claire flirts a bit.

Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

Chapel Springs Revival is a cute, hilarious story. I laughed several times at Claire’s and Patsy’s antics, and thoroughly enjoyed the story.

I felt so bad for Claire; she tries time and time again to do things right, but stuff never turns out like how she wants it to. The less that goes wrong (at least where she’s concerned), the less she has to deal with obnoxious comments from annoying townspeople. And plenty of stuff goes wrong.

All in all, Chapel Springs Revival is a wonderful, entertaining story. You’ll not regret reading this book.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” -Walt Disney



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