Stopped Cold

Book title: Stopped Cold

Author: Gail Pallotta

Starting age: 15


Margaret McWhorter had no idea that life could take such a drastic turn. That is, until her brother suffers a stroke. But this is no ordinary stroke, for Margaret and her family are stunned to discover that steroids triggered it. Now, Margaret’s brother is lying on a hospital bed, unresponsive.

Margaret vows that she will find –  and get even with – the criminals who sold her brother this deadly drug. Pairing up with  two of her friends, she sets out to get revenge. But thingsStopped Cold are much more dangerous than they seem, and Margaret finds herself and her friends in danger. Margaret discovers that turning to her faith might help her with this fiery resolve for revenge.

Margaret wonders if her life will ever return to normal. But can this tragedy possibly have a silver lining?


The dangers of drugs and the importance of leaving revenge to God are shown throughout Stopped Cold.


A minor character is flirtatious, mentioning that she needs to go find a “sexy outfit”.

Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

Stopped Cold captured my attention right from the start. Showing the dangers of drugs, Stopped Cold is a book that all teens should read.

The way the book is crafted makes it extremely easy to connect with the characters. I loved the way the suspense is built. And as for the ending, well, God often uses the bad to draw people closer to him, as Margaret discovers in this adrenaline building tale.

Reality – that annoying time when you’re not reading. ~ Unknown



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