Daystar: The Days are Numbered

Title: Daystar: The Days are Numbered

Author: Anne Hamilton


Prince Ancelin Bedwyr Cai, better known as Ansey, keeps his ability of the Flair secret. After all, who cares if he can converse with animals? For Ansey, his one goal is to become a knight – but his father stands in his way.

Fern McDey prides herself with her ability of invisibility. In fact, she is so practiced at being invisible, that her own father seems to forget she’s alive. To Fern, no one knows she daystarexists, nor do they care.

Ansey’s life is turned upside down when his dream is crushed. But after a run in with a strange girl from another world, the White Three of the White Tree, two secretive children, and being victim of a kidnapping, Ansey’s life is set on a path he never imagined.

When she is tricked by her stepsister, Fern is drawn into a world on the brink of destruction.  Swept along in a journey beyond her imagination, Fern learns of the long searched for ‘King Who Guards the Gate.’ Who is this person, and what does this whole chaotic mess have to do with the legendary Seven Powers. And who is this Ancient of Days?

When the Dark Sleeper awakens, will Fern, Ansey, and their odd assortment of friends discover who they really are?


Daystar: The Days are Numbered shows the gift that true friendship offers.


There was one instance of the expletive “d- – -“.

Enjoyable rating:

4.5 out of 5


old book old book old book old book

My thoughts:

Daystar: The Days are Numbered posses a unique plot. I was drawn in and hooked. Plenty of action and danger spiced this book to make an enjoyable read. Although my only complaint is the usage of the “word”, which unfortunately docked it from a rating of 5 to 4. Daystar: The Days are Numbered is a worthwhile and intriguing read – one I will definitely read again.

“What’s to stop me from killing you and taking the Powers?” The giant raised the sword. “All I see is a dwarf, a pony, and seven children, none of whom is even remotely capable of resisting the might of Uller Princekiller.”




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