Dream Treaders

Book title: Dream Treaders

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson


One of the three Dreamtreaders in all the world, Archer Keaton is determined to do his job – and do it well.

But when his two fellow Dreamtreaders go missing and mysterious reports of a trespasser in the Dream reach Archer, his job becomes harder and increasingly dangerousDreamtreaders

But it is not just the Dream that is is turmoil.

Archer’s life becomes more complicated as the new kid at school – who is acting suspicious and secretive – draws Archer’s best friend away. What is this Rigby Thames up to, and what are his secrets? And how is this connected to the Dream?

Tricked and in trouble, can Archer overcome the tragedy that rocks his world and still defeat his foes?


Archer is determined to find his friends and rescue them.



Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

An interesting plot calls for an interesting read. And that is precisely what Dream Treaders offers. The reader will be transported to the land of dreams in a way never imagined: from annoying rifts, a cute creature named Razz, to the dreaded and evil Nightmare Lord. Dream Treaders was a fantastic read – one that held me captivated.

The book leaves the readers at a suspenseful cliffhanger, and one can’t help but wonder… what will happen next.

The Nightmare Lord raised the axe higher, and then it came plunging down.


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