Son of Truth

Book title: Son of Truth (Followers of the Word, Book 2)

Author: Morgan Busse

Starting age: 14


Assassin Caleb Tala has always done his cousin’s bidding without question, even when he is sent to survey the war. But nothing goes as Caleb planned. And then there was that woman with the glowing hand.

His sins bared and the darkest depths of Caleb are brought to light – all his sins, all his murders – everything. Shaken and disconcerted, Caleb finds himself in a place he’s never Son of Truthbeen before. What happened, and where is he?

All Nierne wanted was to escape to the White City with Father Reth in search of the last Eldaran.That was her goal. But things didn’t go as planned. Now Father Reth is dead, and Nierne is trapped in a foreign city.

When betrayal winds Nierne up as a slave, will she be forced to work with a man she never hoped to see again?

In search of knowledge about the Eldarans, Caleb stumbles across a slave girl who could shed light on his questions. But will she help him?

Time grows shorter as evil spreads across the lands, infiltrating deeper and deeper. Will the Guardian rise in time?


Caleb must rely on the Word to overcome his past.



Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

Son of Truth immediately sweeps the reader to where Daughter of Light left off. I enjoyed the read immensely, and had to hide the book so other members of my family wouldn’t swipe it.

Often the second book in a series is rather lackluster. Not so with Son of Truth. Riveting, intriguing, and enjoyable, I highly recommend this book.

“Veritas.” Velyni looked at him, and her eyes flashed red. “But how? All the Guardians are dead. I watched the last one die.”



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