Book title: Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, Book One)

Author: Christopher Paolini


Eragon is hunting when a blue stone of unmatched beauty appears. Mystified by its appearance, he takes it home to his uncle. But no one – not even the traders – know what this stone is, nor what it is made of.

And then it happens. The stone that was unbreakable cracks, revealing a dragon. As the Eragondays pass and the dragon grows, Eragon fears the attention it will draw. But is the attention of simple townspeople all he should fear?

Eragon, along with a dragon and an old storyteller with many secrets, begins the long hunt for the creatures that murdered his uncle. But is there more to this than he anticipated? What about the mark on his hand? And what about this mysterious storyteller?

But will a mere, untrained Rider, an old storyteller, and a dragon be able to face off a dark and powerful evil – and live?


Eragon learns of sacrifice, perseverance, and loyalty.


Eragon goes to a fortune teller/witch to get his fortune told.

Enjoyable rating:

4 out of 5


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My thoughts:

While Eragon is by no means a Christian book, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The story is of writing style that is somewhat similar to that of Tolkien and Donita K. Paul.

Eragon is a book full of twists, surprises, and mystery. With nearly 500 pages, it is a slightly longer read. For anyone who loves the fantasy genre, Eragon is a book worth reading.

   “You were foolish to escape from me in Gil’ead. It will only make things worse for you in the end.”

   “You’ll never capture me alive,” growled Eragon.

   “Is that so?” asked the Shade, raising an eyebrow… “You can’t stop me now. No one can!”


*Note: Magic is used in this book


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