Book title: Prophet (Books of the Infinite Series, Book One)

Author: R. J. Larson


Ela Roeh is a simple girl from Parne. Nothing special, no one spectacular. But when ash rains from the sky and a vision sweeps over her, her life is suddenly changed.

Ambassador Kien Lantec had no intent of being imprisoned when he went to confront the king of Istgard. But that’s what has happened, and his future is not looking any brighter. How can he possibly change the king’s mind and not get killed in the process?Prophet

Traveling with her crippled sister, Ela, following the Infinite’s instructions, makes her way to Istgard. But will she fail her calling before she is able to start it? And is it truely the Infinite’s will that she be accused of murder and imprisoned?

As Ela warns again and again the royal family of Istgard, hidden allies come to the surface, including a protective war horse. But does one of those allies really have to be an insulting ambassador?

And if Ela and Kien are released from prison, will they survive the war intended to take their lives?


Ela grows in her faith and learns to trust in the Infinite’s plans even when they do not make sense.



Enjoyable rating:

5 out of 5


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My thoughts:

Prophet is a gripping story with traces of the Book of Judges in it. Filled with humor, action, and suspense, it is a story not easily put down.


“Die!” the young man roared. He swung his sword at Kien.





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