Cloak of the Light

Book title: Cloak of the Light (book 1 in the War of the Realms series)

Author: Chuck Black

Starting age:  13


Drew Carter has no need for God. Why should he when God took away his father whom Drew loved dearly?

Cloak of the Light When a horrific accident occurs, Drew finds his world changed dramatically when he sees what no one else can. Invaders. What stymies Drew is that some are good, some bad; and they are at war.

What Drew doesn’t know is that he is watching a war for the world. A war that might just help lead him in the direction of the God that he scoffs.


Sticking with it, having faith in God even in a tough time, defending the underdog, doing the right thing, and not giving into pressure (in this case it’s drinking), are all quality ideas embedded in this book.


A few of Drew’s comrades get drunk.

Enjoyable Rating:

5 out of 5

Musings (see my tab How I Rate the Books):

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My thoughts: 

Cloak of the Light is a captivating well-written book that grabs your attention, twists your heartstrings, and gives a glance into what spiritual warfare could look like, and by far one of my favorites. I’ve had this book for two years, and have probably read it eight times. After you’re done reading it for the first time, you’ll immediately go to the front and start over. It’s that good.

If you’re looking for a book that  will challenge your faith and give you hours of enjoyable reading, I would highly recommend Cloak of the Light.

The light invader made one quick slice that found its mark deep in an opponent’s chest, then turned, dodged two rounds, and used the brick wall to launch himself at the dark invader attacking from above.


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