Christmas Stitches

Book Title: Christmas Stitches: An Historical Romance Collection: 3 Stories Thread Hope and Love Through the Holidays

Authors: Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson

Publisher: Barbour

Pages: 448



3 Talented Seamstresses, 3 Christmas Romances

Return to Christmases of yesteryear with three seamstresses who use their talents to succeed in the late 1800s. But can love also be stitched into their lives?

A SEAMLESS LOVE by Judith MillerChristmas Stitches
1894 – Pullman, Illinois
Hannah Cushman possesses a special talent for embroidered fancywork and design which secures her a position in the Dressmaking and Millinery Shop in the Pullman Arcade near Chicago where she encounters childhood friend Daniel Price. Daniel is disappointed to learn Hannah is being courted by a detective with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. With two men vying for her attention, will Hannah seek God’s direction or ignore the warning signs He sets before her?

MENDING HEARTS by Stephanie Grace Whitson
1899 – Nebraska
Rachel Ellsworth expects her stay with two maiden aunts in a conservative Mennonite village to be temporary–until a letter breaks her heart. Raised Methodist and encouraged to pursue fashion, design, and watercolor painting, Rachel finds temporary solace in quilting and in helping care for two motherless children. But when she and the children’s widowed father begin to notice one another, Rachel must face the idea that giving her heart to Levi Herr will mean giving up the arty things that have always defined her.
PIN’S PROMISE by Nancy Moser
1900/1906 – Summerfield, England
Penelope (Pin) Billings and Jonathan Evers have loved each other since they were children, promising to one day get officially engaged. Both have distinct talents: Pin for sewing dresses and teaching others to sew and Jonathan–a doctor right out of school–in helping the people of the village. As adulthood nears and the time to fulfill their promise seems right, a tragic event pulls them apart, making both question their future. Will they discover they are stronger together than apart?

NOTE: “Pin’s Promise” is a prequel to Nancy’s Pattern Artist Series.


Positive Elements:

Characters are willing to learn from mistakes; characters sacrifice for others.


Negative Elements:



Spiritual Elements:

Characters pray; a story about mythological Greek characters is told.



A character is thrown over a fence; a character is tied to the bed; a girl is slapped.



Characters kiss; minor characters get drunk;  it is mentioned that a character was molested (no details).



4 Stars



Christmas Stitches is a cute and fun read! The authors’ different writing styles added to the charm of this fun book that will get the reader in the mood for Christmas. My personal favorite was Mended Hearts by Stephanie Grace Whitson – Whitson did so well on the characters’ personalities, and on growing their faith.


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