Two Renegade Realms

Title: Two Renegade Realms (Book Two in the Realm Walkers Trilogy)

Author: Donita K. Paul

Publisher: Zondervan

Pages: 416

Available: Wherever books are sold




Two years have passed since the attack by the corrupt Realm Walkers Guild – years Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee have spent searching for secrets that could save their realm from a deadly invasion. Just when they seem close to success, however, a new surprise knocks them off track: the famed Chomountain may indeed be alive. And it appears their group has been chosen to rescue him from his years of imprisonment.

But when they arrive in the valley where Chomountain supposedly has been kept, they are met by a man whose only passion is fishing. Desperate and running out of time before the invasion begins, the three friends, along with Cantor’s dragon constant, Bridger, must find a way to escape the growing perils in the valley while also uncovering the answers they urgently need.



Positive Elements:

Bixby is determined to be the best she can for Primen; Bridger will let nothing stop him in his search for his sister; Bixby and Cantor use self-control when dealing with difficult individuals; Cantor grows more accepting of Bridger; faith and trust in Primen is encouraged.




Cantor, at times, is demeaning to Bridger.




A guard is beaten and left for dead; a woman is drugged; a secondary character gets cut with a knife; mor dragons are kidnapped and drugged; some mor dragons obtain injuries while fighting a beast; a man gets walloped on the head with a bottle of bath oil; invaders are mentioned destroying all in their paths and eating human babies (nothing graphic).



Spiritual Content:

Primen is the equivalent of God; Bixby and Cantor pray to Primen; Chomountain is described as the right hand of Primen who advocates and is an intercessor between Primen and the people.




Cantor kisses Bixby, as does Dukmee.




5 Stars




Once again, Donika K. Paul masterfully weaves an epic tale that will keep you (quite literally) on the edge of your seat. Her imperfect characters are relatable and fun, and I couldn’t help but love Bridger. If you are looking for a story to sweep you into a world of adventure, treachery, danger, and friendship, Two Renegade Realms is the book for you.


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