Guardian of Ajalon

Book title: Guardian of Ajalon (The Poison Tree Path Chronicles, Book Three)

Author: Joan Campbell

Publisher: Enclave Publishing

Pages: 320

Genre: Fantasy



The poison tree path is Shara’s road home . . . if she and her companions can survive the journey. In the danger and darkness of the forest, her only respite is in the story unlocked in the Old Tongue book. In this vivid world, Shara finally discovers what she has longed for all her life: the key to the secrets of her past. Yet time is running out for Shara–and all of Tirragyl–as Lord Lucian, King Alexor, and the royal army attack the Guardian Grotto to claim the powerful Guardian Rock.

Unwilling to sit idly by as her kingdom is destroyed, Queen Nyla leaves her hiding place to recruit a most unlikely army–the Charab. But how can she win over the infamous assassins who have been oppressed by her family for generations?

Positive Elements:

Characters are determined to save their land whatever the cost; mercy is shown; characters protect each other.

Negative Elements:

An inappropriate comment is made when a character is drunk.


A character’s past deeds are discussed; characters are wounded by arrows; men are injured and die in war; a character is beaten, injured, and then murdered.

Spiritual Element:

Old Magic is mentioned and discussed; several objects are magical; wars are mentioned; God is referred to as Ancient of Kings and Great King; a character believes the High King has forgotten about them; Satan’s known by two different names, and his rebellion and subsequent actions are told; dark magic is mentioned; characters praise the Ancient One; characters pray; an allegory of Christ’s death is told.


There is one usage of “shut up”; characters drink beer; a character gets drunk.


5 Stars


Where to begin… Guardian of Ajalon is one of those rare books that deeply stirs your emotions. You will find yourself wanting to cry, shout, and laugh. You will find yourself holding your breath as dangers grow. You will find yourself rooting for and encouraging the characters. Not only does Campbell create fallible and real characters, she weaves together incredible scenery, and an intense plot line. Guardian of Ajalon is not a book you want to miss out on.

*I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley, with no requirements for a positive review.



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