Keeper of Shadows

Title: Keeper of Shadows (Light-Wielder Chronicles, Volume One) (Tales of the Seven Lands)

Author: Bridgett Powers

Publisher: Light’s Scribe Books

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 498


keeper of shadowsA light-bearer with limited vision. A prisoner with wings. Can two cursed souls defeat the forces of darkness?

Noire hates the magic that cursed his family and trapped him in the form of a raven. But to break the spell, he’s willing to do anything, even if it means striking a bargain with the cruel sorceress Venefica. After agreeing to destroy the one person who threatens Venefica’s dark power, he seeks out the key ingredient for a curse of life-altering pain…

Lyssanne has never let diminished vision interfere with her teaching or storytelling. But when mind-numbing pain robs her of the strength to continue, some townsfolk question her usefulness to the village. Unsure where to turn, Lyssanne witnesses a terrifying sight: a shadowy mist, which only she can see, sending a beloved student into a frightful rage. When she tries to warn her people of a sinister force on the prowl, the villagers cast her out into the wilds…

As Lyssanne struggles to survive the elements, Noire plans his deadly attack. Stalking her every move, the raven has second thoughts about ending her life, even though failure would doom his people. But every moment he delays brings Lyssanne one step closer to wielding her gift of light. Can she discover her destiny before the entire realm falls to dark magic?

Keeper of Shadows is the riveting first novel in the Light-wielder Chronicles, a series of inspirational fantasy novels with Christian themes. If you like life-and-death adventures, classic fairy tales, and clean romance, then you’ll love Bridgett Powers’ enchanting epic.

Positive Elements:

A character shows loyalty even when it means leaving his home village; a character sacrifices his life for others.

Negative Elements:


Spiritual Elements:

A character controls the Shadow Mist; a character has Light; characters believe in the King; characters quote the Kingsword; characters pray; characters discuss the King and His ways; a character uses their God-given gift to heal; a character has a redemption story; Satan’s fall is spoken of.

Violence: Characters are infected by the Shadow Mist, which causes harm and violence; a character intends and causes harm to another; characters are attacked by creatures with nefarious intentions; a character is kidnapped; the violence of battle is tastefully described.


A character is a sorceress and casts curses; characters kiss.


5 Stars.


Keeper of Shadows is one of my favorite reads, and I am eagerly anticipating the next in the series. With strong faith, friendship, and good versus evil elements, this almost 500 page book is difficult to put down. Intermingling pain, hope, and humor, the characters are relatable. The world-building is well done and not overwhelming. The reader gets glimpses of the Seven Lands  that makes them want to dive into the book and travel to each. In short, Keeper of Shadows is a must-read.


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