All Things Christmas: Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

This is the second week and my second installment in the All Things Christmas blog celebration, where I’m joining with my mom in the celebration of, well, all things Christmas. You can find her latest post for this celebration – our favorite Christmas movies – here.

As my header suggests, this post is about gifts for the bookworm in your life.

Those who create Christmas wish lists are a blessing to those who shop. Others of us, bookworms, specifically, question why wish lists are even important.  Why scribble wishes down when we could be entrenched in a different world? This avoidant behavior aggravates, irritates, and exhausts the poor souls struggling to shop for the bookworm. So, this post is for you poor souls living with a bookworm who won’t take a long enough break from reading to give you even a semblance of a clue to what they want.

Get your bookworm a book

Yes, this is the “no-brainer” of these ideas. But, really, get them a book. I covered just a few of my suggestions in my last post, “Book Ideas for Christmas Gifts“. If you’d like even more book recommendations in a specific genre, feel free to post a comment.

While purchasing your bookworm a book, don’t limit yourself to the latest releases. Look at books that were published a few years back. Or investigate the self-published section. Better yet, purchase your bookworm a classic. Books by Robert Louis Stevenson and Jules Verne are sure to thrill almost every type of bookworm. Louisa May Alcott, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Jane Austen are also authors who have several often unthought-of books that will give you years’ worth of gifts for your bookworm.

Get your bookworm an audio book

There are few things more frustrating to a bookworm than having to put down their book. How will they know if the characters escaped unscathed? How can they focus on anything not knowing if the quest – or whatever the plot is – ends in the characters’ favor? You can ease your bookworm’s fretting by surprising them with an audio book. Granted, not all books are on audio, but there is a fair collection in all genres that are.

Get your bookworm a mug

Even if your bookworm is not a coffee or tea person, it is likely they hot chocolate. So why not get them the perfect mug to drink from while immersing themselves in another world? While mugs with pretty designs are fun to receive, tickle your bookworm even more by finding them a mug that proclaims, well, their bookwormishness.

Amazon, CafePress, and Etsy are three of many places (depending on who you want to support) to find such a mug. And, if you want to spice up the gift even more, throw in a packet of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate powder.

Get your bookworm a shirt

This goes along the same line as the mug idea. Your bookworm can wear their shirt (one specifically for bookworms) everywhere. Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt sell some absolutely hilarious t-shirts for book lovers, that will for sure draw a laugh from your bookworm – if they can tear their eyes away from their latest reading project, that is. And not every author does this, but some do have shirts created specifically for their books.

Get your bookworm a magnetic bookmark

Every bookworm knows there is nothing worse than feeling around for their bookmark, whether it be a scrap of paper, gum wrapper, or whatever else is used to mark the reading spot . And never, EVER, suggest they dogear the page. That is just a monstrously horrific thing to say, and will put you on your bookworm’s bad list, which you’d deserve.  Instead, help your bookworm in their moment of panic by surprising them with a magnetic bookmark.

These handy little bookmarks are colorful, cheery, cute, and the thing that can save your bookworm from resorting to desperate, barbaric measures (like using glasses) to mark their spot. Magnetic bookmarks can be found at your local bookstore.  Amazon, Christian Artgifts, and ChristianBook also carry adorable magnetic bookmarks.

Get your bookworm something from their favorite fandom

This is primarily for those who enjoy speculative fiction. Most Speculative Fiction authors have pens, shirts, bookmarks, bags, and more. This will thrill your bookworm, since there is nothing like proclaiming to the world which fandom they belong to, or which characters they ship. Plus, it’s just too cool for a bookworm to wear a bracelet or sweatshirt stating something along the lines of, “I belong to _____ fandom“. To find fandom pieces for your bookworm, go to the author’s website.

Get your bookworm an autographed copy

You can make your bookworm’s day – and year – by surprising them with an autographed copy of their favorite book. There are two easy ways to do this. For each way, first contact the author.

Way#1: An actual autographed copy. You’ll have to pay postage and handling on top of the book’s actual cost, but authors are always happy to autograph books for their readers. Sometimes publishers also carry autographed copies, so that is another thing to investigate.

Way#2: A signed bookplate. As aforementioned, contact the author. Ask if they would send your bookworm a signed bookplate. A bookplate is a sticker designed with something to do with the fandom on which the author places their autograph. There should be no cost involved.

Get your bookworm a gift card

This is another “genius idea”, but really is the answer to all your problems concerning your bookworm. With a gift card, you don’t have to worry about gifting your bookworm with a book they already have (or worse, one they don’t like). Keep in mind that when considering a gift card for your bookworm, don’t forget about local bookstores.

Get your bookworm a pair of socks

Let me warn you that this is a gift not every bookworm would appreciate (yours truly included). But for those who would, this is a great gift. Surprise your bookworm with a pair of soft, fuzzy socks that they can wear while reading. This will help keep your bookworm comfy and warm. It also helps if said bookworm appreciates “fashionable” clothing, as most fuzzy socks come bearing stripes, polka-dots, geometrical patterns, or prints of little animals. Again, ensure this is something your bookworm will like before selecting this type of gift.

Get your bookworm a notebook and/or pen

The second best thing to reading is smelling the pages of a crisp, new notebook or writing the first word with that new, ink-filled pen. Your bookworm will experience a unique thrill when they behold the gift, and will immediately plan what to put in the notebook with the new pen. Whether or not they will actually write in the notebook is a different topic (hey, some people collect clothes, shoes, chocolate, or guns. Others of us hoard notebooks and writing utensils). Just know that, whatever your bookworm chooses to do with the gift, they will be immensely grateful and thrilled.

Get your bookworm some swag

This happened for my birthday, but my little sister surprised me with swag for Ronie Kendig’s Brand of Light. It’s exciting to receive, and adds a personal feel, as only the author can provide the swag. This can include a bookmark (often autographed), pins, stickers, character cards, candles, maps, and other promotional materials. Contact the author, explain how your bookworm loves their books (so you don’t sound like a spammer), and ask if they’d be willing to send some swag. Most authors are delighted to connect in such a way with their readers. Keep in mind that the bookworm should send a note or email of gratitude after receiving their gift.

See? Shopping for your bookworm really isn’t as difficult and impossible as first believed. Whichever gift you choose for your bookworm, whether it be a mug and tea, audio book, or something related to a particular fandom, they are sure to enjoy it. Now you can go forth and shop fearlessly for your bookworm.

If you’ve ever received a book or something book-related for a gift, I’d love to hear about it!


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