The Revolutionary

Title: The Revolutionary (The Rogues, Volume 2)

Author: Kristen Hogrefe

Genre: Dystopian

Age level: 15 and up

Publisher: Write Integrity Press

Revolutions run on sacrifice … and blood.

Three months a satellite prisoner, Portia wonders if the Brotherhood has left her to die—until she plunges into the domain of a smuggler contacted by her brother. But her rescue comes with a price tag, and now, she must forfeit her identity to act as a spy. She learns that her enemies want the Dome to approve mass satellite executions, though no one knows why. Worse, they’re using her friend Luther, now a Court Citizen intern, to sign the short-term orders. She wants to confide in Luther, but can she still trust him with the company he keeps?

Plagued by shadows and guilt for leaving her protector Gath behind on the satellite, Portia must find a way, not only to rescue him and the other prisoners, but also to destroy the slave camps once and for all.

Positive Elements:

Characters are willing to sacrifice themselves for others; characters are determined to find the truth; the importance of familial ties are shown.

Negative Elements:

“hellhole” = 2; “hell” = 1

Spiritual Element:

A character prays; the Bible is quoted; there is a strong salvation and redemptive message; a character learns more about God.


REVIEWER’S NOTE: There is a lot of violence, but nothing is graphic.

A character is literally fried to death; it is mentioned that characters are slowly starved to death; characters are beaten; torture is alluded to; battle is briefly described; a shooting happens; there is an assassination; it is mentioned that a village is burned and villagers taken; characters are shot; buildings explode; a character is burned to death; characters are whipped.


Characters kiss.


5 Stars


As I mentioned in my review of The Revisionary, this series is what turned me from a skeptic of dystopian to someone who couldn’t get enough of this series. In fact, my sister and dad enjoyed The Revisionary so much that I had to hide the kindle so I could read The Revolutionary before them.

The Revolutionary is the continuation of an exceptional series, with a well-woven plot and sub-plots, superb characters, chilling settings, and a wonderful path to salvation. I would not consider myself an emotional reader, but I had chills, and definitely felt emotion during certain scenes. The author is brilliant at infusing the characters’ emotions and making the reader feel as though they are right there, experiencing everything the characters are. My only complaint is the three instances of language. I would remove a star from most other books in cases like this, but The Revolutionary is so well-written otherwise that it cannot be rated below a 5 star.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


5 thoughts on “The Revolutionary

  1. Jen

    Loved the review, Madi! And I also love that you had to hide the Kindle so you could read it first. XD I do the same with some books I get! XDDD I just really like reading certain books before my siblings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Madi's Musings

      Aww, thanks. ❤
      Yes, she's quite short so it wasn't that difficult; all I had to do was put it somewhere high where she couldn't reach. XD I do too. Read it while they have that new smell so the siblings don't get their grimy fingers on it.

      Liked by 1 person

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