Freedom Isn’t Free

Courage and sacrifice come in many forms, many types. Today, we honor those who exhibited the ultimate type of courage and sacrifice and love. From the Battle of Lexington and Concord, to the Battle of Gettysburg, the Alamo, WWI’s Battle of the Somme and WWII’s D Day and Battle of the Bulge, to the Korean, Vietnam, Iraqi, and Afghanistan wars, freedom is paid with the color crimson.

Freedom is paid for, won, and kept by blood.

This is the ultimate sacrifice. This is the ultimate type of courage.

Today we honor those who emulated John 15:13 and laid down their lives for those who would never know them, those who would forget about them, those who would disparage their sacrifice, those who would live in enviable freedom paid for by blood. By honor. Courage. Sacrifice. Love.

To those who fought and died so the United States of America can remain free, there are no words strong enough or powerful enough that can describe the gratitude you deserve. Thank you for your sacrifice.

May we always remember freedom isn’t free.

Happy Memorial Day.

This song perfectly captures Memorial Day.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free

  1. JC Woodbury

    Beautiful! I shared that verse in my post as well. XD It’s the perfect verse to describe this kind of sacrifice. I love your point about “those who would disparage their sacrifice.” Sadly, I’ve heard people do this. Those who fought for us are so deserving of honor. Your post also reminded me of another verse, Acts 22:28 (King James Version), which says: “With a great sum obtained I this freedom.” Obviously, that verse is in a completely different context, LOL, but if we take it out of that specific context it definitely applies.

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    • Madi's Musings

      Thanks. ❤

      I can't stand how those who've fought and died for our country are snubbed and made fun of (even those who survived are often mistreated). They sacrificed everything so those snobs and disparaging individuals have the right of free speech, and that's how those people use their words? Makes my blood boil (as I'm sure you can tell XD). Even if they don't agree with war, war was fought so they can voice their opinion, no matter how odious. That, at least, deserves respect.

      That's a great verse! Out of context, yes, but it still fits! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Memorial Day!

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