The Blography Tag

I had to check my spelling thrice on the title. It’s harder to spell and pronounce than you’d think, folks.


  • Link back to the original site.
  • Mention the one who tagged you. (Vanessa tagged me! Thank you so much.)
  • Write an autobiography in seven words.
  • For this, they do not need to form a complete sentence.
  • To make it more interesting, answer seven seven-word questions.
  • Tag seven other bloggers.
  • Think of seven seven-word questions, or use the same ones as you answered.

I’m taking the questions Vanessa answered (which, in turn, will be the questions I pose to the bloggers I tag).

Seven-word Biography

Once was lost, but now I’m found.


What seven words would best describe you?

Saved, quiet, intense, loyal, steadfast, protective, storyweaver.

Where would you spend your last days?

I’d spend them with my family. It’d be nice to go up to the mountains, maybe canoe a bit, and enjoy nature. I’d try to complete my current writing project so I don’t leave something unfinished.

Who would write your biography for you?

My mom. Definitely my mom. I don’t trust my sister and dad not to collaborate and filled the pages with the uncountable, embarrassing tales of my chronic clumsiness. Mom would put some in there, to be sure, but not as many as Dad and my sister.

What would you title your story?

Past Life’s Valley.

Yes, I like that. Tis quite appropriate.

What is your biggest regret in life?

Not sharing the Gospel when the opportunity presented itself and not being as bold as I should be. There are so many ways to show someone the Truth; it doesn’t have to be an all-out conversion speech. With this knowledge, why is it so easy to falter?

(Gonna steal Miles’ question here…) Who would you write a biography about?

I’d like to write biographies on the multiple Revolutionary War heroes. They were men of faith, courage, conviction, and unflinching resolve. I’d also like to write one on Sophie Scholl, one of my heroes. She never faltered from speaking the truth, even when it cost her her life.

How would you describe your life story?

Quiet, resolute, and blessed from the beginning.


Joy and whoever else wants to do it! If you do, drop your link and let me know; I’d love to see your answers.

The question’s I’m asking you are the ones I answered.

Thanks again to Vanessa for tagging me! This tag is both sobering and fun.

6 thoughts on “The Blography Tag

      1. Yes, “Amazing Grace” is one of my favorite hymns, too! So beautiful.

        It’s so hard! Maybe one of them for me should’ve been “confused” or “clueless” since I was failing so badly. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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