DECEIVED Cover Reveal

Today is the cover reveal for my debut novel, DECEIVED. I am super excited about this book, as it is not only my debut, but holds a close place in my heart. Also, when/if you preorder, hang on to that preorder receipt, because I’m having character art drawn, and I’ll be opening up a form come the book’s blog tour so you can enter your preorder receipt and receive a character card and autographed label sticker.


Title: DECEIVED (The Deception Trilogy, Book One)

Genre: Christian Allegorical Fantasy

Releases: April 26, 2022

Resistance (by Jaye L. Knight) x Dare (by Tricia Mingerink)

DECEIVED‘s ebook is available for preorder here. Paperback preorders will be available in April.

Cover Design by Lynnette Bonner of Indie Cover Design


In a land built upon lies and deception, uncovering the truth can be deadly.

Therese Westa is sick of death, but taking lives is what provides for her younger sisters. When a client approaches her with an unusual request, Therese takes the job offer, which includes the condition of “no questions asked”. As Therese uncovers the reason for the request, she is faced with a choice: kill an innocent man or save her sisters.

Therese’s hesitation to carry out the assassination thrusts her into the aftermath of a dangerous chain of events. Caught between security and truth, Therese must choose where her loyalties lie, for the answer will determine who survives.

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Madisyn Carlin is a Christian, homeschool graduate, blogger, voracious bookdragon, and author. When not spending time with her family or trekking through the mountains, she weaves tales of redemption, faith, and action





Instagram Handle: madisyn_carlin

Isn’t the cover just gorgeous? The black and darker colors capture the sinister evilness in the book, but the lighter, brighter colors imply the subtle, but strong, theme of hope also woven through the pages.

Keep an eye on this blog, because blog tour sign-ups are coming up! You’ll meet the characters, see what inspired the story (on that note, be sure to check out DECEIVED’s Pinterest board), and more.

Thank you for celebrating my book cover release with me!


20 thoughts on “DECEIVED Cover Reveal

  1. Issabelle

    AAAAAAHHHHH THIS STORY JUST SOUNDS SO COOL!!!!!! (Also, I realized I wasn’t getting notifications for your posts by email and kinda stopped going into my WP reader, so I somehow TOTALLY missed that you’re publishing a book and I just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS and I am SO, SO, SO excited for you!!!) I can’t wait for the book’s release and I LOVE the cover!!!!!

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