Love Unforeseen

Will a best friend’s matchmaking scheme be successful?

Title: Love Unforeseen (Love Letters From Ellis Creek, Book Two)

Author: Penny Zeller

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Length: 151 pages


Will a best friend’s matchmaking scheme be successful?

Tillie Waller finds her life’s purpose in molding young minds as a teacher in Ellis Creek in the late-1890s. While she claims contentment, there is a part of her that longs to marry and be a mother, like her sister, Meredith, and best friend, Lula. But no matter. With her students and books, how could she ever be lonesome?

Willard “Will” Fairbanks has longed to return to Ellis Creek since the day he left the town with his family twelve years ago. When a job offer at Ellis Creek Mill beckons his return, Will eagerly embraces the opportunity. An added bonus? He hopes to reconnect with Tillie Waller, the girl he has always loved—the girl who never felt the same about him.

When Tillie encourages her pupils to write to pen pals in another town, she can’t possibly foresee how such an assignment will impact her own future. Her best friend, Lula, concocts a plan, unbeknownst to Tillie, for Will to become Tillie’s pen pal under a false name. Tillie forms a connection with her pen pal and even dares herself to fall in love.

When she falls in love with both Will and her pen pal, which one will she choose?

Will love unforeseen become a reality for Tillie and Willard?


5 Stars


Will a best friend’s matchmaking scheme be successful?

Lula Plessner is minding her own business when she stumbles across a friend from the past. When the opportunity to play matchmaker arises, she eagerly accepts the challenge. And if she receives those delectable miniature jawbreakers as payment? Well, all the better.

Tillie Waller is content being a schoolteacher, forming young minds and encouraging them to embrace a love of learning. When she runs into a man she thought she’d have the fortune of never again meeting, she’s not only disturbed, she’s discombobulated and distressed.

Willard “Will” Fairbanks is finally returning to Ellis Creek. Not only does he have the opportunity to once again reside in the place he’s always considered home, he might have the opportunity to properly win the heart of the girl he’s always admired.

This was such a fun book. It was a delight to see how the characters, who were young in Love from Afar, have grown up. Distinct personalities, a ton of shenanigans and humor, and solid friendships really make Love Unforeseen an enjoyable read. Plus, Tillie is a logophile! You don’t read often about characters with a love for words and dictionaries, so that particularly endeared her to me.

The secondary characters, particularly Lula and Gideon, were a blast. Lula, who has a passel of energetic youngsters she calls her own and a great love for miniature jawbreakers. Gideon, whom I assume will soon have his own story (please, we need his story), is a good friend to Will and a bit ornery, which creates some hilarious scenes. Genevieve, whom we don’t see much of but is still an integral character, also needs her own story.

Love Unforeseen is the second book in Love Letters of Ellis Creek Series. This story is a short novella, so the plot moves quickly. It is well-written, never possessing a dull moment, and just all around fun. The little bit of mystery for Tillie was amusing as well, and the resolution and ending were so cute. If you need a lighthearted Christian historical romance to read, I highly recommend Love Unforeseen.


2 thoughts on “Love Unforeseen

  1. Saraina

    Oo, I’m writing (correction: was writing and set aside for a bit) a historical fiction set in the 1890s! 😀 I’ll have to read this (but not only because of that – it sounds something I’d love whether it was set in that time period or not XD)

    Wonderful review!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Madi's Musings

      Haha, feel ya on the “I *was* writing this put set it aside”. Done that so many times. It’s such a fun book! I think you’ll really enjoy it. And if you have siblings/best friends, you’ll really get a kick out of it.

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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