July Writing Goals + Calling All Writers


I refuse to support NaNoWriMo in any way, which includes no participation in any of their camps or activities. However, I see the value of designating a month and really pushing for a writing goal.

I am on some serious writing deadlines and am henceforth proclaiming July the month where I endeavor to finish both Shattered Reflection and IRON. (Adding four to eight chapters on SR and writing the final 20,000 words on IRON). But…knowing myself, I’m going to get distracted. So stressed and insecure about these stories (it happens quite often; just ask some of my betas) that I will put them off and try to ignore them.

If you’re like me and would like a writing partner of sorts, feel free to join me and shoot for your writing goal this July. There will be no designated group, no condemnation if you do not reach your goal. Merely some crazy (because, let’s face it, all writers are crazy) writers attempting to conquer their writing goals. Once July begins, feel free to message me a message or Instagram, contact me through my contact page here, or, if you have my email, email me and let me know your progress!

Writing can be a difficult adventure, and we need to stick by and encourage each other.

What are your thoughts? Are you attempting a specific writing goal for July? What is it? Let me know!


14 thoughts on “July Writing Goals + Calling All Writers

  1. Saraina

    I’m very much in on this!!! My “number” goal is to write 100 pages this July, but what I’m really aiming for is to just finish the WIP I’m working on, whether that means I write 100 more pages or not. Lol yes, writers are crazy people indeed! 😂

    Also, do you not support NaNoWriMo because of what the organization stands for? I don’t know much about it, but the things I have seen just make me roll my eyes because of the what THEY support. 🙄 The reason I did it in November was because I needed a writing goal, and plus, it’s amazing having so many other people working towards the same goal as you! But since I wasn’t apart of the official community, I guess I technically wasn’t apart of it. *shrugs*

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    • Madi's Musings

      That’s an excellent goal! 100 pages? I don’t know if I could write that in two months. Haha, I need to finish a WIP too—two of them, in fact.

      I do not support the organization because *they* are pro-abortion, anti-police, and support Black Lives Matter. I do aim for 50,000 in November, but I do not say I am doing NaNo. Yes, it’s super helpful to have others joining you in the same goal. I wish NaNo hadn’t gone off track, because the original intention certainly possessed merit.

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      • Saraina

        Lol, we’ll see if I actually get to it!! 😀 Yay, we’re both trying to finish WIPs! I hope you’re able to finish both, then. 😉

        Ugh, that’s horrible. Ah, I see. I wish they hadn’t gone off track as well!!

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  2. bree

    I got rid of NaNo for those reasons too. I just don’t like supporting things that support those things. That’s why I LOVE KDWC, since it’s a lot alike, but specifically for Christian girls! It’s great!

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    • Madi's Musings

      Completely agree. I cannot, in good conscience, align myself with such an organization. I’ve participated in KDWC, but will not be returning for the foreseeable future.

      I definitely need to get to finishing these two buggers, or I’ll never meet my deadline. XD I just hope my characters agree to cooperate. They’re being a tad obstinate.

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    • Madi's Musings

      I know I needs to, but it’s looking like I’ll need to add eight more chapters instead of just four, and I might be just slightly tempted to procrastinate even though the deadline is less than fifteen days away.
      So much for this being less than 110,000 words long. *eyeroll*

      Yes! You are counted in.

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  3. K.R.Mattson

    There there, Madi, we all have those stories that just keep writing themselves. I don’t care what you think about IRON and SR. They’re both awesome. Quit doubting your writing. Quit doubting yourself. Those are orders. If you disobey, I will personally make you a chocolate and coffee shake and sent it to you via mail. Have fun with that.

    I don’t have a goal, but I should probably make one. Thing is I’m strung between three, possibly four different projects right now (blame my wretched imagination that won’t leave me alone). Isn’t it fun just to sit down at the computer and stare out the window claiming “brainstorming”?


    • Madi's Musings

      You’re a dear, K. Yes, ma’am. I will hereby obey. And you can keep that wretched coffee to yourself, thank you very much, though my sister may appreciate both that and the cake.

      Yes, you should make one. If you require assistance, you know how to contact me. I will help you figure one out. 😀 Isn’t it? The things we title “brainstorming” that are actually procrastination.


  4. K,R.Mattson

    Yeah, I know. *halo* I’m keeping that coffee on standby though, just in case.

    Hey, we’re writers. We get privileges. We can go on vacation and call it “research for the next book”. Not like I’d ever do that. *another angelic halo*

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    • Madi's Musings

      Mmhm. You might as well eat it yourself. I’m not touching that nasty substance.

      Of course we do. You mean…you mean staring at pine trees and elk and moose and hail *wasn’t* truly research? I did get a lot written on a little project, but at the expense of my poor hands. Not saying it will ever see the light of day, but I do believe I write best while in my beloved mountains.


  5. K.R.Mattson

    You won’t know what it is when I mail it to you. 😉

    It was! It was! I warned you about the cramps. If you write best in your “beloved mountains” then there should be no problem of your project seeing the light of day.

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    • Madi's Musings

      Pft. Please. I’ll let my dad open it. He’ll just sneak the chocolate cake and throw away the coffee.

      Eh…write best, yes. (Don’t know what that means for when I write at home). Doesn’t mean that particular story has hope yet, though. XD


  6. K.R.Mattson

    Then I’ll write in bold letters on the front “Dad can’t open this.” Ha! Take that.

    If you already write awesome at home then your mountainly writing should be world shaking. It’s all in how you think of it and you, my dear, need to get your screws in thread if you think you aren’t going to ever let your project see the light of day.

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