Book Review: Secrets in the Shadows

Warring Brothers, Manipulating Advisors, and Secrets in the Shadows.

Author: Kaitlyn King

Publisher: Pen in Hand Publishing

Genre: Christian Fantasy


Warring Brothers, Manipulating Advisors, And Secrets in the Shadows.

Whispers of a silent civil war swirl through the halls of Endor.

In the wake of King Hadrian’s attack, Tridan and his friends are now being exalted as heroes. But can these thirteen-year-olds save the kingdom from itself?

As Prince Altholos’ coronation approaches, Prince Oliver starts his campaign to take his brother’s place on the throne. Noble families are forced to choose sides and covert battles rage throughout the land.

However the next generation of conquerors longs to do more. Can they bring peace to a castle where there are secrets in the shadows of every corridor?


5 Stars


Secrets in the Shadows is the first book I’ve read by King, and I definitely recommend it. The book’s intriguing cover portends an equally intriguing plot, which contains all manners of hilarity, faith, vile antagonists, and action.

The Plot
There’s a lot going on in this book, and you need to read thoroughly to keep in mind the multi-faceted plot. There are numerous POVs, which King handles well, and so much action, both the fighting type and the emotional type. Lots of intrigue, heroism, the opposite of heroism (you’ll know what I’m taking about when you read this), and just a good, solid plot that keeps you on your toes. (And I did not see that certain plot twist coming.) I do recommend reading Book One before Secrets in the Shadows so you have a clear view of what’s going on.

The Settings
The settings are well-described and well-thought out. I could easily imagine myself standing amid the forgotten church’s ruins and sneaking down corridors as evil plots are afoot. King does well placing the reader right where characters are, whether it be a secretive supper, the training grounds, or the woods.

The kingdom and all of it’s numerous lords and nobles and their lands were also developed quite well. Worldbuilding is by far one of King’s greatest strengths.

The Characters
There are several POVs, most of whom are tweens and young teens. Each character has a part to play, and they play it well. I liked how they grew emotionally and maturely during the story. Each character is distinct in voice and personality and I liked how King intertwined their lives.

Other Thoughts
There’s also a good dose of levity, which balances the more serious parts of this book. A nice allotment of sarcasm and amusing circumstances will keep you chuckling.

The best part of this book is the faith. We see broken characters, scared and scarred characters, and characters who just want to do the right thing. King expertly wove a beautiful faith aspect into each of these, gently illustrating how no one is too far from God’s mercy and how simple acts of kindness can be used as witnessing. I’m not necessarily an emotional reader, but I definitely teared up during a scene or two.

Content Warning
Some parts of this story may be considered intense for younger readers, but they didn’t bother me. Polygamy is considered normal by secular nobles (clearly not condoned by the author), there is some violence, but it’s handled well, and just a general assortment of thugs, nasties, and villains. There’s only a hint of romance.

Filled with intrigue, good versus evil, faith, and memorable characters, Secrets in the Shadows is a book you’ll want to add to your TBR.


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