Cover Reveal: Freedom’s Flight

Today is the cover reveal for Penny Zeller’s latest release, Freedom’s Flight.



Annalise Van Houten knows what it’s like to live in an oppressive situation. Sent to live with her conniving aunt and uncle in Ridge Gap, Tennessee after her parents die, she dreads the plans they have for her future. When she discovers the handsome Reverend Matthias Sorenson assisting runaway slaves, can Annalise convince him to allow her to help?

Reverend Matthias Sorenson has a heart for serving others—and freeing them. An integral part of the Faith Train, he helps free slaves. When a beautiful newcomer to his church wishes to partake in the organization, can he trust her not to endanger their lives?

Lives in jeopardy. A race against time. Will mistrust prove fatal for all involved?

Freedom’s Flight originally appeared in The Underground Railroad Brides Collection.

Cover design: Cynthia Lee

Cover Typography/Graphics: Mountain Peak Edits & Design

Freedom’s Flight is a pre-Civil War novella. What is your favorite fact about the Civil War, or the years leading up to it? Have you ever been to Tennessee, where Freedom’s Flight is located?

9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Freedom’s Flight

  1. K.R.Mattson

    This is so exciting!!!!!!
    Have YOU ever been to TN? I haven’t.
    I wish the Civil War never had to happen. What I like about it is the fact that families made their own choices and stood up for them. Though it must have been hard to have your brother or father on the other end of your barrel, it showed true commitment to one’s beliefs.

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    • Madi's Musings

      It is!

      If I have been to TN, I just passed through it. I don’t recall.

      It was so unfortunate, but it taught us a lot of lessons, and we received the powerful Gettysburg Address out of it. Yes, it showed commitment, no matter how painful.

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