In Honor of IRON’s Release

In honor of IRON’s release (which is today), comment with a word or page number (1-212) and I will provide a corresponding line or sentence.


35 thoughts on “In Honor of IRON’s Release

    • Madi's Musings

      Thank you! Of course you can.

      “In fact, I think Halda will be coming up in a few minutes to torture me with that wretched tea she insists helps pain, although all it really does is murder my taste buds.” (Is it bad that I had about thirty options to choose from? XD)

      Page 92:
      “I do admit he is more weasel than man.”

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    • Madi's Musings

      Thank you! (And I can email you an ARC PDF or epub if you’d like to review it.)

      The mysterious man from yesterday stood before her. This time he wore a navy shirt and a dark brown jerkin. Less ornate than the rest, but Chamonix doubted he would tolerate the frippery the others wore.

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      • Issabelle Perry

        You’re welcome! (Ooo really? Ah I would love that!!! I’m actually very excited right now and feel super honored. An epub copy would be fine if you’re okay with that. Thank you, sister!!!)

        AAAAAAAH I LOVE THE QUOTE!!!!! *gets even more excited to read the book*

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  1. Lilly Tanis

    Haha. Ooops the rest of the message ran off.
    Congratulations and more congratulations on Iron’s release!! Much applause 👏
    And that was the first word that came to mind thinking of something an annoyed Red might call someone. 😆

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