IRON Launch Tour: Meet the Characters + Wrap-up

Welcome to the final post for IRON’s Launch Tour. A huge thank you to everyone who participated. Today, you will meet the characters and learn about what’s next for The Redwyn Chronicles…plus help decide a fairytale for an upcoming project in this series.

IRON released yesterday! Thanks to those who preordered, it made its way into the top 100 Christian fantasy books category! I wasn’t expecting that at all.

The ebook is still on sale at $0.99 for the next seven days, so if you’re an ebook person, get your copy now before the price is raised.

Meet Redwyn

Red is my feisty character. She swept in and claimed the story from day one. She’s suffered pain through the years, including losing her parents. This will really come into play in a later book.

I thought it would be fun to make her a detective, but for that, I had to learn how to think like a detective. So, to achieve that, I watched several Hallmark Mysteries and Suspense movies. (This is not a blanket recommendation for Hallmark. They have gone woke and nasty, but some of their older movies are good and do not include this wretched leftist agenda.)

A lot of readers ship her with Denton, and I dislike sinking ships, but I have bad news: that’s not who she ends up with.

Meet Carter

Carter was interesting to write. I didn’t really know his story until I returned to IRON in July 2022. He’s a horse-loving, attention-hating sweetheart with so much pain and too little trust. His character and spiritual arcs reminded me, as I wrote them, that while people will fail and hurt us, God never will.

I wanted Carter to be Red’s best friend. Their relationship is purely platonic, and even familial, which is not something I see much of in fantasy. Was it possible to change the story so they would end up together? Yes, but that wasn’t where I wanted IRON to go. Thus Carter was saddled with a crazy best friend who doesn’t know the meaning of patience and rest. It was fun watching their personalities clash.

Meet Chamonix

Pronounced Shaw-mah-nee, this quiet princess kind of just…happened. Her personality was clear from day one, and while I had to be creative about her issue (the weak lungs/asthma), she was fairly easy to write once I knew the logistics.

Chamonix’s original name was Eileen. But, after watching a Hallmark movie where the little girl’s name was Chamonix, I fell in love with the name and gave it to Veerham’s princess. It fits her much better than her former name.

I’ve always despised the heroines who, when the hero is being beaten up and injured, just scream and whimper and cower in a corner, useless and just aggravating. Chamonix is not a fighter, not like Red, but I wanted to illustrate how strength comes in many different forms. Chamonix received strength of character and faith, even if she can’t run very far without having an asthma attack. No whiny, worthless heroines in this book.

While my male characters are easiest to write, the females are the opposite. I was pleased and grateful at how Chamonix turned out, because it was difficult to really nail her character. She wasn’t sassy like Red, didn’t have Carter’s issues, and, on top of that, she was a princess. I didn’t want her to be rebellious, as is often the case where princesses are portrayed. But I also didn’t want her to be doormat and incapable of thinking for herself.

Fan Art

The incredibly-talented K.R. Mattson made my day when she surprised me with these fan art pictures (my first ever!). She really nailed Red’s and Chamonix’s personalities. (And that wolf and cardinal!)

Redwyn Deathan, drawn by K.R. Mattson

Chamonix Seyden, Drawn by K.R. Mattson

You can learn more about these crazy characters by going to the inspiration board. If you dislike strong female characters who know how to think for themselves (without the current feminist garbage), an overt faith element, and clean romance, IRON is not the book for you

Also, be sure to visit the character interviews! (Linked to in tour schedule)

What’s Next?

I am currently working on Denton’s story, which has yet to receive a definitive name. I will have it up on Goodreads late next week, Lord willing. You can see what I have of the inspiration board here. All I can tell you regarding the story is the first chapter breaks my heart.

The main female character in this little novella has sisters–and they need names! If you have suggestions, drop them in a comment.

I have another little prequel up my sleeve (here’s a hint: the characters’ names begin with C and I…and you meet them in IRON.) But I need a fairytale for them. Let me know your favorite fairytales! Those who provide the tale that I will use will be mentioned in the Acknowledgements.


There’s still time to sign up for the giveaway if you haven’t already.


An autographed paperback if the winner is a U.S. resident. Ebook if international.


An ebook in PDF or Epub format.

Enter Here.


You can find the tour schedule here.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make this tour possible, and thank you to the lovely commenters. The giveaway winners will be contacted next week.

Which are you partial to: boisterous female characters or quieter ones? What elements/themes do you think are crucial to fairytale retellings? Which of these would you like to see more of?

*all graphics plus the cover designed by Mountain Peak Edits & Design


12 thoughts on “IRON Launch Tour: Meet the Characters + Wrap-up

  1. Vanessa Hall

    Ahh, yes, you nailed Chamonix! And that was one of my favorite parts about IRON – how different types of courage were exemplified through the different characters. Just beautifully done. And congrats on making onto the top 100 list! Yay!

    Also, that art is just amazing. 🙂 I love it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Saraina

    Oh wow, congratulations on making it into the 100 for the Christian fantasy category!!!! That is SO cool! I have to say I’m glad you sunk the Red+Denton ship so I don’t get my hopes up 😂 But I’m excited to eventually find out who she really ends up with!!! XD

    And that’s so interesting Chamonix’s name was originally Eileen! How long after coming up with that character did you end up changing her name?

    My favorite fairytale is probably Beauty and the Beast, and ooo, name suggestions… Claire, Elberta, and Daisy. 😀 (Hehe I can’t wait for the prequel! It will be so fun to read the story of those two characters! 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Madi's Musings

      Thank you! Haha, yeah, I only considered it for a little bit. My mom was disappointed, though, and I owe her a friends-to-more story. XD You’ve already met him. 😉

      Yeah, not the best name for her. I think it was only a few weeks? I hadn’t even started the first “real” draft yet. (The very first idea consists of Red and “Eileen” sitting in the balcony, peering through the railing spindles, and discussing a visiting prince…who I intended Eileen to end up with (think Snow Queen + Cinderella). Yeah, not my best idea.

      Oh, that’s a good one! And actually the fairytale I’m basing the first book of of for the spin-off series. I think I’ll steal Claire for a MC’s name. XD But Elberta and Daisy are so cute! They bring to mind little girls with the brightest smiles. Ah, thanks! Yeah, still planning it. I need a fairytale to retell, but I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Saraina

        *immediately starts speculating as to who he is* WAIT. *gasps* Okay, I have a guess but I won’t say anything lol!!

        Oh, gotcha! (Wow! I love seeing how the first idea for stories ends up turning into something so different! XD) Sometimes I have doubts about whether my characters’ names fit them, but it’s always months after I’ve actually begun writing about them, and by that time I’m so attached I don’t have the heart to change it!

        Yay! XD Aww, yes, they are such cute names!! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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