What IRON Character are You?

Find out which IRON character you are by answering four quick questions. Remember to answer honestly!

Who did you get? Was it who you wanted? Expected? Do you agree with the scoring?


31 thoughts on “What IRON Character are You?

    • Madi's Musings

      They’re so difficult, aren’t they? Took me forever to come up with them. (Not really. I formulated the entire “quiz” while making dinner.) And did you *want* to score Carter?

      I’m Red. That shouldn’t be a surprise.


      • K.R.Mattson

        What were you making, character soup? *is having a private little cackle over here*
        NO. I thought I would score Red, cause that’s who I feel like I’m most likely. But to be honest, Carter DOES like horses more than her.

        Not a surprise at all. You two definitely share a connection besides author and character. *Is gleefully imaging you eventually marrying a certain someone named a certain name*😇

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    • Madi's Musings

      It looks like you spelled it right! (I was going through some old edits on IRON and saw I had spelled her name Charmonix. O_o. Oops.) You sound like my sister. XD She *loves* color on her socks, and she’ll often mismatch them on purpose, pairing stripes with polkadots, leopard print with tie-dye, etc. It’s quite…unique.

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      • Anna Lane

        Haha! That’s funny! (I’ve done that with some of my interestingly-named characters as well…) Well, being unique is quite fun…. unless it looks absolutely hideous, then I run to my room to change XD

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      • Madi's Musings

        XD Her style is…unique, to say the least, and she doesn’t listen to a word of my complaints about it. (Think pairing fire-hydrant red high tops with a maroon dress.)


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