CROWN: Release Day

If you read IRON, you may remember meeting Calvin and Isadora Seyden, parents of Princess Chamonix (Shaw-maw-nee). What you did not realize, and what I did not realize at the time, was that Calvin and Isadora would require their own story.

So their own story they received.

If there’s ever a chance of giving a secondary character their own story, don’t give them names you usually wouldn’t give main characters. I can’t believe I have a main character named Calvin.

Regardless of his name, Calvin was fun to write. It was interesting to see where he “began” compared to how he was during IRON. While Calvin may have gained some maturity and facial hair by IRON‘s time, one thing he still retained was his love for sugar. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a cavity yet.

“That reaction is totally uncalled for. When have I ever had a bad idea?”

“Would you prefer the list verbally or in writing?”


Genre: Christian Fantasy/Fairy tale retelling (a loose retelling of the Goose Girl)

Length: Mid-length novella

Suitable for: It’s New Adult, like all of my books, but tweens and teens can safely read it.

Inspiration Board: (Aren’t they just the cutest couple?)


Can a noblewoman-turned-goose girl stop a sinister plot before it’s too late?

All Isadora Fendalva wants is to secure aid for her struggling town, but a maid’s betrayal lands her in a commoner’s field herding geese. With her maid posing as Isadora and hatching nefarious schemes to do away with the royal family, Isadora finds herself relying on the fragments of her faith. Will God answer her pleas, or will evil schemes succeed and be the end of her and the royal family?

CROWN is a Christian fantasy fairy tale retelling of The Goose Girl.

Available in ebook, paperback (coming soon),, and for free in Kindle Unlimited.

The Beginning was always with her, no matter how alone she felt.

Book 1.5 in The Redwyn Chronicles is slated to release March 28 if I can actually get it written. So for those of you who liked Denton, this is his story.

If you’ve not read IRON, you can do so here.

Also, keep an eye out for the newsletter, because I’ll be asking for your input regarding a little project.

If someone left Redwyn alone for half a day, the toddler would bring down the palace. How, Calvin did not know, but it would happen. Redwyn possessed a capacity for mischief and trouble that far exceeded her parents’.


19 thoughts on “CROWN: Release Day

  1. Saraina Whitney

    Awww, little Redwyn!!! That’s so cute! XD Congratulations on the release of CROWN! Lol, yes, I’ve never read about a main character by the name of Calvin, but somehow it just fits when I read about him in CROWN. (I guess it helps that I’ve already been introduced to him 😉 )

    I’m so excited to continue reading CROWN, and can’t wait for Denton’s story!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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