Be My Valentine Giveaway


IRON is participating in the Be My Valentine giveaway!

The Be My Valentine Giveaway runs 2/6 through 2/11. The 1st place winner will receive all ten books (authors’ choice of format) and the 2nd place winner will receive three books (authors’ choice of format) of their choosing. A variety of genres, from fantasy to historical romance to suspense and more, are featured.

Never fear if you don’t have social media–there are author newsletters and blogs you can follow to gain points. Most importantly, for an additional set of points, you have to answer this question: Do you like chocolate, and if so, what’s your favorite type (dark, milk, white, etc.)?

Which cover on the giveaway graphic is your favorite? Are there any you’ve not seen before? If you’ve read IRON, who was your favorite character and would you want to reside in that world? (Regrettably, they do not have chocolate.) And, if you’ve read IRON, did you know the prequel, CROWN, is released? It features some special characters you likely won’t meet in any other TRC book.

How is your writing going? I’m pulling an insanity shift by attempting to write 50,000 in 15 days.


12 thoughts on “Be My Valentine Giveaway

  1. K.R.Mattson

    Ha ha. No. I am NOT residing in that world. Not EVER. It’s nice to watch people do it but… It’s safer here. 😁

    Yeah, since two of those characters who are probably not showing up in any of the other books are DEAD. 😡

    It’s not insane! Maybe on the tad side of whacky, crazy, and utterly jaw dropping but not insane. You got this!

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      • K.R.Mattson

        Only by a smidgen, Queen of Torture and Sorrow and War and everything else despicable.

        You call THAT a surprise?!! Fine. I’ll shush. But I’m warning you, if I cry when I read that I’m coming after you with sticks and a baseball bat.

        No. Don’t spoil my moment of geniusness.

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