KEY Cover Reveal

Today is the cover reveal for the next installment in The Redwyn Chronicles. For those who’ve read IRON, you may remember a certain stepbrother named Denton. KEY is his story, and it’s been quite an adventure both to write and put him through.

I have bad news, though. This book ain’t gonna be a novella. Right now, it’s 45,000 in and is looking like it’ll be a 70-80,000 word novel.

I just love it when my characters rebel.

And because I’m such a wonderful person, I’m making you wait ’til the very end to see the actual cover. For now, enjoy the quote at the beginning of this post.


When Nerissa Wessen finds an unconscious man near her village, she knows one thing: trouble is on its way. What she doesn’t anticipate is the stranger’s charming smile—or the reason why he’s in her land in the first place.

Detective Denton Yindell wants only to put his past behind him and make good on a failed promise. When unforeseen circumstances place him on the doorstep of the very people who can help, Denton must convince the distrustful villagers to assist him.

But good intentions can bring about disastrous consequences, and when Denton’s past hunts him down, Nerissa’s family and village are threatened. Can two hearts—one wary and one wounded—learn to trust before evil eradicates those who oppose it?

KEY is a Christian Fantasy Fairytale Retelling


Releases: March 28, 2023

Series: The Redwyn Chronicles

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Age: New Adult 

Retelling: Rapunzel


-Addresses Human Trafficking

– There will be violence, but as usual, nothing gratuitous

– Two POVs.

– There is no profanity whatsoever; the author’s great-grandma could read this book without squirming.

KEY is a Christian story. It includes faith, prayers, Bible verses, references to faith, and discussions about faith. I hold true to the Biblical facts that the world was created in SIX days and that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, truth, and life. If this offends you, KEY is not the book for you.

Participating Blogs

Thank you so much to these lovely bloggers for participating in KEY’s cover reveal. Be sure to stop by and give their posts a like.

Saraina Whitney

Lillian Keith

Kristina Hall

Vanessa Hall

Anna’s Idea Blog

Fable Rose

K.R. Mattson

And more on their way!


It’s very blue, isn’t it?

KEY isn’t your typical Rapunzel retelling, but I can promise there are towers carved from cliffs, nefarious intentions, and plenty of action.

What is your favorite Rapunzel retelling?


15 thoughts on “KEY Cover Reveal

  1. Saraina Whitney

    The cover is beautiful!!! ❤ And I am all here for an atypical Rapunzel retelling, especially one with towers carved from cliff! HOW COOL IS THAT?!! (I'm getting the sense this is the kind of book that should be made into a movie XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Madi's Musings

      Thank you! ❤ Haha, I think most of mine are atypical. Oh, that would be lovely, but I'd also be hesitant because authors rarely get input on movies, and there's some stuff I *don't* want anywhere near my stories. But, in the right hands, that would be epic. Ooh, maybe the folks who put out, "Beyond the Mask"…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Saraina Whitney

        Augh, true! It’s tragic how little input authors get on movies based on their own book! I’d rather no movie be made than a bad one. 😅 Ahh yes, I love their movies!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Madi's Musings

      It’s Book 1.5. XD All of the primary novels (IRON, POISON, and WOLF) have Red’s POV. The corresponding novels and novellas, (ROSE, KEY, ARROW/SPEAR, etc.) won’t. I am too! Although, looking back at my earliest notes, I see I had something different planned for his retelling. Oh, well. This works.


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