Review: Love in the Headlines

Can paper and paw prints draw these two nemeses together?

Author: Penny Zeller

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Age: Adult, although readers 15 and up can read it.


Can paper and paw prints draw these two nemeses together?

All Carleigh Adams wants is a relaxing evening. But Sullivan Theodore IV, her wayward shih tzu, has other plans. After escaping from home, Sullivan Theodore unlawfully enters what Carleigh assumes is a stranger’s house via a doggy door. Much to Carleigh’s horror, it is actually the home of her coworker and nemesis, Trey “The Irritating” Montgomery.

Trey Montgomery has had to work with “Quirky Carleigh,” his top competitor for the best articles at The Oakville Daily, for the past two years. It’s safe to say that she and her criminally-minded pet are his adversaries. Trey’s attempts to keep his distance from her are demolished when their boss thrusts them together as The Oakville Daily Duo, forcing them to work as a team on every. Single. Article.

Petty crimes and crazy shenanigans in Oakville soon draw Carleigh and Trey into doubling as detectives. When dogs, including their own pets, begin to mysteriously disappear, Carleigh and Trey join forces to uncover the culprit. As they work to report the daily news and solve the crimes in Oakville, can these two stubborn reporters find love in the headlines?

Faith, plentiful humor, and tender romance round out the latest Christian contemporary romance novel by Author Penny Zeller.

Please note: this book is a faith-based Christian novel.


5 Stars


How do you survive being forced to work with your nemesis on every. Single. Project?

That’s the question Carleigh Adams is asking…and the question to which she’s desperately seeking an answer.

Crazy shenanigans, a strong-willed Shih Tzu, a chew-happy German Shepherd, and ornery coworkers keep the reader laughing in this fun, lighthearted tale. Romance with a brush of mystery, the reader will be swept into Small Town America where everyone knows everyone else and everyone else’s business…well, most of it.

The plot flowed well and I liked the dollop of mystery. Everything was logical, and the zaniness kept me snickering.

Staying true to her brand, Zeller incorporates characters you can’t help but love. I identified so much with Carleigh because she is an aspiring writer. Her flamboyant personality contrasted well with Trey’s snarkiness, and the two were absolutely hilarious.

Their pets, too, were perfect. Sullivan Theodore IV is such a brat. I think I’d agree more with Trey when he called the Shih Tzu a fluffy-rat dog. Jaxx is a dear dog, albeit a nervous sort, which also made me laugh because it’s funny to think about a dog belonging to such a big breed that’s portrayed as tough and invincible needing doggy toys to keep him from chewing through Trey’s furniture.

While lighter than Zeller’s historical novels, Love in the Headlines incorporates prayer, church attendance, and Bible verses.

Perfectly clean. Enemies-to-more is one of my favorite tropes, and Zeller pulls it off perfectly in this Christian rom-com.

This is an extremely clean book. A bloodied nose is mentioned after a fight with Sir. Nasty, and it’s mentioned some dogs are kept in poor conditions, but there is nothing questionable at all.

I rarely read Christian contemporary, but I was so glad I read this one. If you abhor exercise, all you need to do is pick up Love in the Headlines , and you’ll have dream abs in no time, you’ll laugh that much. This needs to be made into a movie.

Fun and entertaining with canine capers aplenty, Love in the Headlines is a delightful tale you’ll not want to miss.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Shattered Reaction Cover Reveal + Launch Team Signups

Many readers mentioned Shattered Reflection ended like there was a possibility more of Marcus’ story was in the writing–or so they hoped. I am pleased to announce that, yes, there is more of his story in the works, and part of that story will be told in Shattered Reaction.

His is not the only story, though. You’ll find the POVs of two characters you met in SR1 and one you kind of were introduced to. The other POV is for a man driven by revenge…and his intense dislike for a certain goose. But more on that later.


War darkens the horizon…

In the wake of destruction, revenge drives Arioch en Kyrida to hunt down the man responsible for destroying half his village. His search leads him to a town where truth is hoarded and secrets lurk in every corner. Solely focused on making his target pay, Arioch cares little for the whispers of approaching evil until he is strongarmed into helping protect one of his most recent nemeses. If Anthi Klarkson doesn’t drive him insane—and if he manages to keep her alive long enough—they may be able to help stop the incoming war in its tracks. But someone wants Anthi dead, and they’ll do anything to achieve that mission.

Zinnia Klarkson wants nothing more than peace for her mourning family, but nearby attacks, kidnappings, and rumors of impending war steal all hope of a quiet life. When a mostly-dead man lands on her doorstep, hunted and without strong chance of survival, she is thrust into a covert operation that threatens her family’s safety. As secrets grow and answers remain veiled, Zinnia must choose between helping a ragtag group of reluctant allies or keeping her family out of harm’s path.

Trust must mend what was once shattered and courage must be sought as a second All Lands War threatens to decimate the six lands.

First Line:

The Bible said revenge was the Lord’s.

Genre: Christian Fantasy fairy tale retelling

Target Age: New Adult (although older YAs can read it too)

Fairy tale retold: Snow White and Rose Red

I would be so appreciative if you joined me in helping spread the cover and/or Release Day graphics or ARCs. Readers and their encouragement are part of what make books and their launches successful.

Cover Reveal

Launch Team + Arcs

Darkness Draws Near

Life’s worth fighting for…

Author: Kristina Hall

Series: Kentucky Midnight, Book Two

Genre: Christian Dystopian

Appropriate Age Range: 16 and up


Life’s worth fighting for …

When Mellie Rivers takes in a young mom, she knows there’s risk involved–both from the government and from her own inadequacies.

Working as a missionary and a mechanic is already a challenge, but now Friedrich Wolf faces an unknown threat–a threat he must stop before he loses all too much.

Friedrich and Mellie will have to fight for life … even as darkness draws near.


5+ Stars


It’s been over a year since the events in Midnight Will Come, and maybe, just maybe, Mellie Rivers is catching a break. Well, aside from an unexpected patient, that is. And that potential threat. At least she has her resident Stubborn German nearby for protection, and her sister at hand so she won’t starve off the food Mellie reduces to charcoal.

Life proves it’s not on her side, however, and soon Mellie finds herself enduring circumstances no one envies.


I know this is a dystopian book, but it’s also quite suspenseful, as well. I’ll need a short break before venturing to Book Three because my heart simply cannot handle everything these darling characters go through. So, in short, the plot will keep you—literally—on the edge of your seat.

Darkness Draws Near takes place in Kentucky. Hall makes it easy to visualize yourself there with the characters.

Mellie is a dear, as always. Her humor is similar to my own—verging on slightly insane, definitely dry, and a tad wacky. It made me laugh many a time, which was a nice reprieve from the constant worry that the good guys wouldn’t survive.

Friedrich is great too. I really like how human he is. He has his insecurities, fears, and flaws like the rest of us. He’s genuine, and is a good example of an everyday Christian.

The supporting cast were solid as well—either solidly good like Jess and Audra or solidly despicable like a certain Sir Needs a Punch or a particular cluster of ne’er-do-wells.

Typical to Hall, there is so much faith packed within these pages. Characters learn that, no matter how dire and dark their circumstances, God will always be there. His Light can neither be muffled nor extinguished.

Characters pray, attend church, read the Bible, and discuss faith and the sanctity of life.

There is some violence, but it’s tastefully handled. Characters are beaten up, shot, shot at, smacked around, kidnapped, threatened with torture and death, and there are mentions of riots, destruction, and an unnamed character being brutally treated before perishing. Characters are forced to shoot in self-defense.

The romance is pure, sweet, and awkward. It made me laugh, Mellie’s denial of not liking a Certain Someone.

This book tackles abortion and pro-life. Hall takes an unapologetic stance on portraying how sacred life is and how an unborn baby is still human. It should encourage any true Christian to continue standing strong for the unborn.

To those who are easily offended: this is not the book for you. Liberalism and forced government mandates and overtures are portrayed as the evil they are. So, if you dislike faith, true science, and the reality of the potential evil that could easily overtake our United States, don’t read this book.

This review is long overdue, and for that I ardently apologize.

Darkness Draws Near is a whopper. Not in length, but in content. It challenges the reader to ask themselves what they would do if in Mellie’s and Friedrich’s positions; if our faith would suffer or strengthen; and what we’d sacrifice to protect truth and life. A thousand standing ovations to Hall for being bold in proclaiming the truth.

Dystopian is a genre often both dissed and dismissed, but I believe we need Christian Dystopian. Not only to warn of us of what could be if we become lax in defending the values our country was built on, but to provide hope that, even in the hardest of times, God will neither leave nor forsake us.

Well done, Hall. After I’ve recovered from the numerous near-heart attacks, I’ll move on to Book Three.

I received an ARC of this book from the author. The opinions expressed are my own.

Upcoming Blogiversary + Quick Update

The days feel like they go so slowly, yet when you look back, the years have flow.

I was planning a book review for today’s post, but something twinged the far back of my memory (or maybe that was just referred pain from yesterday’s workout), and then it hit: on May 12, Madi’s Musings will be seven-years-old.

What. In the. World.

That makes me feel old.

Anyway, I’d like to celebrate, and it’ll include a giveaway.

So, if you have any ideas on how to celebrate, let me know! It feels weird saying this, but if you have any questions about Madi’s Musings or characters or books or whatever (my sibling would recommend not asking about my fashion sense, or lack thereof, though), here’s a form you can fill out. I’m dry on ideas, so telling me whatever you all want to see would be appreciated.

Upcoming posts may seem like they’re all about me, me, me, but I promise it won’t become a habit. Cover reveal and launch team signups are coming up, as well as another giveaway with a collaboration of lovely authors.


I’m working on SR2 at the moment, and it has become much more intense and emotional than I ever imagined. I love these characters (well, the good ones), and let’s just say the plot took a bit of a different turn than I expected, which resulted in a few texts to my dad. His response? “What in the world are you doing?”

WTCC members can attest to the…unique aspect of this twist.

Tentative 2023 Publishing Schedule:



This Tender Heart (To Seize the Love Anthology)








Super Special Project

I’m also working on finally getting CROWN’s and KEY’s paperbacks up, and if I have any spare time, I’ll be putting Shattered Revelation up too. I think it’s too short to be a paperback, but it will at least be in ebook.

As for the newsletter magnet, that did not happen. My beloved sibling read what I had of the idea and promptly informed me, in succinct terms, “No.” So I’m searching for something else when I have the time. ROSE, the former idea, has been up on Goodreads, but I’ll likely change that for Canon and Silci’s story.

POISON is live on Goodreads. You can add it here.

Also, a well-meaning soul added KEY’s filler Amazon cover in early March. While we authors appreciate readers’ dedication, please do not add our covers. Most of the time, they are filler, and Goodreads can be persnickety about removing them, if they remove them at all.

Another reminder that, if you’re looking for an editor or cover designer, Mountain Peak Edits & Design would be happy to assist.

What upcoming releases are you looking forward to? Two of mine are Love in the Headlines by Penny Zeller and Trouble in Dry Spring by Kristina Hall. Have I also been hounding Kristina for Exiled? Quite possibly. Which 2023 cover(s) have been your favorite so far?

DECEIVED: One Year Giveaway

How in the world has a year already passed since DECEIVED’s release?

While A Past to Bear (Whitstead) was my first published work, DECEIVED is what catapulted me into the world of publishing novels and epics. While this dear book has taken the brunt of some unprovoked attacks (which is odd since it doesn’t contain the same amount of faith as the others), it’s held steady.

To commemorate DECEIVED’s one-year anniversary, I am giving away an autographed copy of DECEIVED + a character card to a U.S. resident. Also, DECEIVED‘s ebook is on sale for $0.99 if you’re an ebook person.


  1. Fill out the Rafflecopter
  2. Tell me which DECEIVED character you are.
  3. Tell me which DECEIVED profession you hold.

Author Interview: M. Liz Boyle

Today I am interviewing M. Liz Boyle, author of the Christian YA action and adventure series, Off the Itinerary. Before we get to the interview, let’s learn more about the author and her books.


Liz is the author of the Off the Itinerary series, the wife of a professional tree climber, and the homeschooling mom of three energetic and laundry-producing children. Liz once spent a summer in Colorado teaching rock climbing, which she believes was a fantastic way to make money and memories. She resides with her family in Wisconsin, where they enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Liz and her husband have also backpacked in Colorado and the Grand Canyon, which have provided inspiration for her writing. She makes adventurous stories to encourage others to find adventures and expand their comfort zones (though admittedly, she still needs lots of practice expanding her own comfort zone).







Off The Itinerary Series







Author Interview

What is your go-to space for writing?

When the weather is nice, I like to set up my laptop outside on our porch. For the other eight months of the year 😉 most of my writing takes place at the dining room table or at my husband’s desk (which happens to be full of my stuff). 

Do you focus on one project at a time or do you have multiple projects going simultaneously?

I try to actively work on one project at a time, because otherwise I’m not sure I would finish any! When I get a brilliant idea that’s unrelated to my current project, I write it down to come back to when it’s time to start brainstorming another project. That said, about halfway through a book’s first draft, I do like to start “lightly brainstorming” a next project. That way by the time I finish one book, I have a general, vague idea of what to write next. 

What project(s) are you currently working on?

Currently I’m pitching my novel Wannabe Lifeguard on Duty to agents. In this standalone novel, readers meet nineteen-year-old Jada, who wants to give back to the town that lost a child due to her irresponsibility. Then there’s Anders, the no-nonsense lifeguard who could help her. But there’s no way he’ll let Jada know why he is so motivated to prevent drowning. Add in an insightful boss, an artsy sister who hosts pottery festivals, a humorous best friend named Jordy, and a dog named Plato (or Play Dough, depending on who you ask), and my hope is that Wannabe Lifeguard on Duty will be a wholesome story of overcoming and healing for readers of Christian fiction. 

While waiting to hear from agents and deciding if I’ll indie publish again, I’m working on another standalone novel about a young lady who loves treasure diving at shipwrecks. Her goal is to find a legendary Spanish galleon that was known to carry a massive load of precious metals and jewels. The race is on to beat other treasure divers to the wreck, and not everybody is playing fairly. In this novel, my main character will learn the meaning of Matthew 6:20-21, which talks about the eternal value of real treasure. 

How do you select the names of your characters?

I wondered this about you, actually, since many of your characters have uncommon names! You’ll have to share your secret! For my characters, part of the name selection process takes place scrolling through baby name websites or flipping through a baby name book. The Social Security website has a cool feature where you can see which names were most common in different years, so that can be helpful too. Other times I hear a name that just sticks out to me as a perfect character name. 

On average, how long does it take you to write the first draft of a book?

The first draft is very exciting for me because it holds so much potential. Once I have the outline finished or at least the main plot points mapped out, I have been able to write a full manuscript in about three months. It doesn’t always go that quickly though. Sometimes the ideas marinate for a few months or even a year, but when the characters are clear in my mind and their journeys are ready to be typed, I’m usually able to finish the first draft in less than six months. 

How do you incorporate your faith into your writing?

In my Off the Itinerary series, I have characters that are already quite confident in their Christian faith, so readers can see how they live it out in the day to day, from praying daily to listening to their consciences. I thought these characters would be relatable for young readers who have grown up in Christian homes and encouraging for readers who haven’t had strong Christian examples so they could see what living the faith can look like. In Wannabe Lifeguard on Duty, Jada is a believer but needs to be strengthened in her faith. Seeing Anders get his strength from God is a great model for Jada (and hopefully readers, too!), and she learns how to depend fully on God. 

Every writer has a message they want to impart to their readers. What is yours?

My prayer is that my books’ characters are positive role models for young readers and that my readers are encouraged and inspired to live and keep living God’s way. 

What is your favorite, underappreciated novel/series?

Surely you mean “What are your favorites,” right? 😉 As an indie author, a whole bunch of fellow indie or small-press authors come to mind, including your books! But you asked for one novel or series… ahem…to narrow it down, I’ll highlight the YA books by these talented authors 🙂

The Ballad of Emery Brooks series by Allyson Kennedy

The Perfect Blindside and eXtreme Blindside by Leslea Wahl

A Shadow on the Snow by JPC Allen

Who is your favorite Biblical character?

I admire Rahab because of her significant change of heart, and also Joshua, Salmone and the spies who trusted God and took her in as an Israelite. I also admire Moses’s mother and sister and Caleb and Daniel because of their courage. And where would any of us be without Jesus Christ? Is this a trick question? 😉

Thank you so much for agreeing to join me for this interrogation…ahem, I mean, interview, Liz.! And thank you for the kind mention about my books. ❤

Well, dear readers, what do you think about Play Dough for a dog’s name? (Because that’s what I would totally call him.) Who is/are your favorite underappreciated indie author(s), and who else has Off the Itinerary on their TBR? Surely I’m not the only one. I’m not usually a YA fan, but these have definitely piqued my interest, so that’s sayin’ something.

Guest Post: Does Your Writing Count for Jesus?

Today I am featuring a guest post written by my dear friend, A.M. Watson, the blogger behind Seeking the Timeless Anchor. Convicting and filled with truth, this is an article every Christian writer needs to read.

About A.M.

A.M. Watson is a Christian, patriot, and homeschool graduate with a passion for history, photography, and writing. When she’s not writing, you can find her delving into military fiction, listening to the coyotes howl and the wind rustle through the prairie grass, or playing with her nephews. In everything she does, A.M. seeks to honor Christ and espouse and protect the values our nation is built upon.

To learn more about A.M., check out her blog, Seeking the Timeless Anchor.

Guest Post

Being a Christian writer in today’s world is not for the faint of heart. Writers are being inundated with pressure to fit in with our culture—perhaps more so than at any other time in history. We are being told to be less “preachy”, less “judgemental”, and more focused on getting along with the world. 

But the problem is that God’s Word brings division. Christ Himself warned us of that. 

“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:”

Luke 12:51

There is a never-ending battle between God’s Word and the vain philosophies of this world. We are not called to fellowship with the darkness of this world, but rather to expose the darkness for what it is through the power of the Light of the World living inside us. 

Yet Christian writers are being told that in order to make it in the world of writing we must set aside our morals, our standards, and our ideals. We must shut our mouths about our beliefs and simply give our readers an entertaining story that will make them feel good. 

In response to this onslaught of lies, I have a question for you. 

What is your purpose in writing? What is your goal? 

Many of us would admit that we would love to have our books and stories “go places”. What writer doesn’t dream of having a loyal fan base of readers who adore their writing? Let’s be honest—we’ve all been there. 

So then let me ask you this—what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve that? 

I’ve read my fair share of Christian books throughout my life. Growing up, Mom spent a lot of effort trying to find books that were clean and worthy of placing in the hands of her children. My siblings and I were bookworms who would devour any book she gave us. You know what we found was often the case though? A lot of lukewarm religious ideals thrown in a book and labeled as “Christian”. They were clean books that were for sure better than what most kids read. But many of them had no depth other than perhaps the historical educational benefits. It drove us nuts! 

Have you ever wondered why this problem is so prevalent? Why can’t there be an author who would actually write a story interwoven with strong Biblical truths and bold stances on subjects that need to be addressed? Why are there very few books heavily laced with God’s Word? 

I’ll give you the answer. It’s because Christian authors and writers are being attacked with the false pretense that their biggest fear should be being too “preachy” in their book. That is a lie from the Devil and could not be farther from the truth. 

Christian authors and writers are being attacked with the false pretense that their biggest fear should be being too “preachy” in their book.

Our biggest fear as Christian writers should be failing to be “preachy” enough! Our biggest fear should be someone walking away from our book spiritually unchanged and unchallenged. We should fear losing an opportunity to plant the seed of God’s Word in our readers’ minds. 

 Sometimes it’s hard to take a firm stand in our writing, because we want to be accepted. That’s part of our human nature. But what are we willing to sacrifice on the altar of acceptance? Are we willing to waste an opportunity to use our gift for God’s glory?

Who gives us our talents? It certainly isn’t of our own selves. If we have any talent as writers, it was given to us by our Creator. He doesn’t give us talents just so we can waste them on temporal things. We are to use them to further His kingdom and bring honor to His name. 

All of the wealth and prestige of this world is going to burn one day. One nanosecond into eternity and none of it will matter. We will be wishing that we had used our talents for Him far more than we did. 

Our writing is included in that! The Bible tells us, “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”

It goes on to say, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”

Even our words are important. Writing is putting words on paper. That means that when we write something, we should be doing it for the Lord. 

 I’ve always said, at the end of the day the question has to be asked of Christian writers, what do you wish to accomplish through your writing? Fluff and watered-down material will wither and pass away without ever having impacted a soul. In the end, when we stand in eternity, what will have mattered: to have written a best selling book that was “clean”—possibly religious at best, or to write a book filled with spiritual truths, God’s Word, and material that will spiritually impact those who read it?

What eternal value does our work provide? Are we so consumed with prestige and fame that we would rather that than impact a soul for glory? Are we so concerned about someone thinking our novel is too “preachy” that we would risk losing an opportunity to share the gospel with someone who would read it?

To finish this thought, I want to share the lyrics to a song that I think applies so well to this topic. 

“All want their lives to count for something,
To leave their mark when life is through,
But vain pursuits will come to nothing,
Time will erase what e’er we do.

I want my life to count for Jesus!
For earthly things will quickly fade.
No need to add to worldy riches,
I only seek eternal gain.

Inside my heart there burned a question.
What was I placed on earth here for?
It truly was to build a kingdom,
Not of my own but of the Lord’s.

I want my life to count for Jesus!
For earthly things will quickly fade.
No need to add to worldy riches,
I only seek eternal gain.”

~To Count for Jesus

Everyone’s life will leave behind a legacy of some kind. What will yours be? 

Are you so busy seeking to achieve that best-selling-author title that you will sacrifice eternal gain for it? Are you so afraid of being labeled as a “preachy” writer that you would be willing to let your work be worthless in light of eternity?

I don’t know about you, but I want my life to count for Jesus. I want everything I do to hold eternal value—including my writing! 

It begins with being Holy Spirit filled when we sit down to write. Let Him guide you, and fill your writing with godliness. When the ages of time have rolled away and we are looking on the face of our Savior, only what was done for Christ will last. 

When the ages of time have rolled away and we are looking on the face of our Savior, only what was done for Christ will last. 

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

Isn’t that post convicting? It brings to mind Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

What are your thoughts about A.M.’s post? Have you followed her blog yet? If not, be sure to. It is a treasure trove of historical facts and articles.

Review + Giveaway: Dawn’s Untrodden Green

Madi’s Musings is participating in the tour for Dawn’s Untrodden Green by Carolyn Miller, which is hosted by JustReads Publicity Tours.

Read on to find, in this order, more about:

  • the author
  • the book
  • the giveaway
  • the tour
  • the review

About the Author

Carolyn Miller lives in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and four children. A longtime lover of Regency romance, Carolyn’s novels have won a number of RWA and ACFW contests. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Australasian Christian Writers.

Connect with Carolyn by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.

About the Book

Not much happens in Theodosia Stapleton’s tiny Northumberland village. Certainly not to her. She has resigned herself to spinsterhood, caring for her ailing mother in the home of her grandfather, known to the locals as “General Contrary.” When her dear friend dies and leaves behind a daughter, it’s simple enough to take the child into her own quiet world. That is, until her ward’s famous uncle unexpectedly arrives and throws Theo’s tidy orbit completely off-kilter.

Fame was the last thing Daniel Balfour sought when he fought in the Peninsular War. But his brave exploits caught the attention of the King, and now the honors he was given hound him everywhere . . . even on his rushed trip to rescue his orphaned niece.

Theo’s quick wit and warm smile reassure him that Rebecca is in good hands, and he finds himself free to swiftly return to London and his responsibilities. But those caring hands are beginning to look like they could also safely hold his heart, and he’s tempted to linger. Unfortunately, marriage is simply not in the cards; the army is spouse enough for him.

Then an accident and a scandal lead both Theo and Daniel to discover that their best-laid plans may not have been what God designed for them after all.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ChristianBook | Book Depository | Bookshop | BookBub

Title: Dawn’s Untrodden Green
Series: Regency Wallflowers #3
Author: Carolyn Miller
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Release Date: April 11, 2023
Genre: Christian Historical Romance

The Giveaway

1) winner will receive a print copy of all three books in the Regency Wallflower series by Carolyn Miller, plus swag including stickers, cards, a pen, and more. (books 1 & 2 will be signed, and a book plate from the author will be included for Dawn’s Untrodden Green

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight April 10, 2023 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on April 17, 2023. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

The Tour


4 Stars


Shenanigans, gossip, and emotional calamity ensues when a well-intentioned plan goes a tad awry. Will two hearts be broken in the process?


The plot was nicely-paced in a gentle, slow manner that allows the reader to soak in the characters’ every day and really “meet” the characters where they’re at.


I found the setting delightful, if not a bit waterlogged. The description of fog and mist and cool days almost made me want to travel there.


Theodosia, or Theo, was the most relatable. She didn’t fit society’s standards for beauty, and she was practical and no-nonsense. In a way, she reminded me of myself. Daniel, too, was a great character. I liked his humility.

The slew of secondary characters were solid as well. The cantankerous, growly old goat known as Grandfather really grew on me, and I think he did admirably as the book progressed. The cast of pompous toads, bumptious cads, and prattling peahens, otherwise known as fellow villagers, were easy to dislike. Odious cretins.


The faith is the strongest part of this book. I thoroughly appreciated the constant reminder that man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his path. Characters pray, attend church and hear good sermons, and grow in their faith.


The prose was too loquacious, overall, for my preference. While it certainly provided some utterly hilarious descriptions of certain biddies and trouble-causing folk, I had to reread many pages because there were just so many words often in use where only a handful would suffice. I don’t know if that’s typical to Regency books, though, so Regency lovers likely won’t have any problem with it.

There is a hint about the marriage night that exceeded my comfort. While it likely won’t bother others and may go over younger readers’ heads, and I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily inappropriate, it did jolt me.


I want to sing this book praises for so clearly illustrating that appearance and looks do not increase our value. Alas, I sing as well as a strangled frog, so I will put my thoughts into writing instead. Neither Theo nor Daniel meet society’s physical expectations. Theo is plain with a birthmark, and Daniel hasn’t the tall, dark, and hunky appearance the village thinks all heroes possess. Instead, these two are unremarkable in society’s opinion. But Miller deftly illustrates that our worth is in God, and not determined by some random selection of physical traits deemed more desirable than others. It is a reminder everyone needs at some point in their life.


A novel filled with faith, humor, befuddling blockheaded buffoons, and romance, I believe every Regency reader will enjoy Dawn’s Untrodden Green.

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in conjunction with JustReads. The opinions expressed are my own.

Book Aesthetic Blog Tag

I have been nominated for the Book Aesthetic Blog Tag, so you all are getting a few hints as to what’s in store for SR2. I am keeping the images larger than usual because there is a lot of text on some of them. Unless otherwise specified, all images are saved from Pinterest and belong to their rightful owners.

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  5. Tag as many people as you wish!

Overall Aesthetic of Your Book

How do you create an overall aesthetic for five characters, a lot of pain and heartbreak, bucket-loads of sass, and a plot the author isn’t too certain of yet? (Hint: Can you guess which one belongs to Marcus?) Typical to the series (just you wait for SR3), there will be hardships. There will be hard times. And there will be raw questions and soul-bearing grief and emotional agony.

But there will also be hope. For the Christian, the deepest darkness the world surrounds us with can never penetrate the hope and joy we find in Christ, and that is a message I want to remind readers of throughout this series.

Location Aesthetic

From the secret-hiding Lowlands plains, to the vast wilderness of the Wildlands, to the homey cottage where two certain characters reside, there are several locations/settings in SR2. Some will give you chills. Others will welcome you with a cup of warm tea and a biscuit drizzled in honey.

Main Character Aesthetic

There are three male mcs and two female mcs. Here is the aesthetic for the ornerier of the three guys. Also the brashest, most sarcastic, and one with a ton to learn. I’m not revealing his name yet, but it was mentioned in SR1. Feel free to guess his identity.

Side Character Aesthetic

Allow me to introduce to you a fair goose named Snow White. Three main characters love her. One is ambivalent. The other is contemplating how to get away with turning her into supper.

Quote Aesthetic

While I have plenty of quotes saved on Pinterest, there were some from what I’ve already written that really capture my characters. The gray blocks are from Pinterest, and the colorful ones are directly from my characters.


These are the vibes for one of my main female characters. Where her sister is more inclined to trek outside, and even hunt, this particular young woman is content to remain at home, doing housework and tending to her garden.


I am not tagging anyone specific, although there are certainly a few individuals I’d like to see do this. So consider yourself, dear reader, nominated. If you’re stuck, this is the perfect solution.

Another colossal thank you to Allyson for tagging me. SR2 has been giving me grief as far as plot goes, and this has definitely given me some inspiration.

Which square most piqued your interest? If you know which characters will be the main ones of SR2, who’s story are you most looking forward to? And the first person to guess the fairy tale retelling based upon the aesthetics will win an e-copy of SR1.

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