Hogrefe, Kristen

Series: The Rogues

Book 1 – The Revisionary

Book 2 – The Revolutionary


Baas, Jayna

Series: For Liberty and Conscience

Book 1: Preacher on the Run


Knight, Jaye L.

Series: The Ilyon Chronicles

Book .5- Half-Blood

Book 1- Resistance

Book 2- The King’s Scrolls

Book 3 – Samara’s Peril


Mingerink, Tricia

Series #1: Blades of Acktar Series

Book 1- Dare

Series #2: Beyond the Tales Series

Book 1- Dagger’s Sleep

Book 2- Midnight’s Curse

Book 3 – Poison’s Dance


Busse, Morgan L.

Series: Followers of the Word Series

Book 1- Daughter of Light (Trailer)

Book 2- Son of Truth

Series: The Ravenwood Saga

Book 1- Mark of the Raven

Book 2- Flight of the Raven

Book 3- Cry of the Raven

Series: Skyworld

Book 1 – Secrets in the Mist


FitzGerald, Heather L.L.

Series: The Tethered World Chronicles

Book 1 – The Tethered World

Book 2 –The Flaming Sword

Book 3 – The Genesis Tree


Hinck, Sharon

Series: The Dancing Realms

Book 1Hidden Current


Powers, Bridgett

Series: The Light-Wielder Chronicles

Book 1 – Keeper of Shadows


Franklin, Lindsay A.

Series: The Weaver Trilogy

Book 1- The Story Peddler


Paul, Donita K

Book:Two Renegade Realms


Campbell, Joan

Book: Guardian of Ajalon


Kitchens, E.J.

Series: Of Magic Made

Book 1: Wrought of Silver and Ravens


Fitcher, Kirsten

Series: Once Upon A Twist Tales

Book 3: Diamond

Book 4: The Bear of Rosethorn Ring


Ardnek, Kendra E.

Series: A Twist of Adventure

Book 4: Misfortune

Book 5: The Dancing Princess


Larson, R.J.

Series: Books of the Infinite Series

Book 1- Prophet


Fischer, J.J.

Series: The Darcentaria Duology

Book 1 – The Sword in His Hand


Batson, Wayne Thomas

Series: The Door Within Trilogy

Book 1-  The Door Within

Series #2: Dreamtreaders Trilogy

Book 1- Dream Treaders


Jenkins, Jerry B.


Fabry, Chris

Book: The Book of the King


Lawhead, Stephen

Book: In the Hall of the Dragon King


Lamb, Shawn

Book: The Great Battle  (Trailer)


Hamilton, Anne

Book: Daystar: The Days are Numbered 


Otte, John W.

Book: Numb


Black, Chuck

Series:  Wars of the Realm Series

Book 1- Cloak of the Light –  (Trailer 1, Trailer 2)


Cavanaugh, Jack

Book: Hideous Beauty


Joyner, Jason

Book: Launch


Henderson, Liz

Book: Viridian Dreams



Henry and Evaline

Love Under Construction


Tolsma, Liz

Book: The Green Dress

Book: The Refrain Within



The Secret Admirer Romance Collection

The Underground Railroad Brides Collection

The MISSadventure Brides Collection

Christmas Stitches

The Runaway Brides Collection


Miller, Judith

Book: The Carousel Painter

Book: A Single Spark


Johnson, Tara

Book: Where Dandelions Bloom


Hill, Grace Livingston

Book: Coming Through the Rye


Dickerson, Melanie

Book: Magnolia Summer


Dickerson, Melanie

Book: The Princess Spy

Book: The Captive Maiden

Book: The Orphan’s Wish


Cole, Charles

Book: In Russian Wonderland: An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia


Palotta, Gail

Book: Stopped Cold


Thomas, Laura

Book: The Glass Bottom Boat


Whitlow, Robert

Book: Trial and Error


Mulligan, Ane

Book: Chapel Springs Revival


Hamilton, Mary L.

Book: Hear No Evil


Enjoy the Poodle Skirt

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