DECEIVED Blog Tour Sign-Up

It is officially one month and four days before DECEIVED releases! Am I nervous? Yes. Am I scrambling to keep my sanity? You bet. Am I excited? Definitely.

DECEIVED’s blog tour is open for sign-ups! It will tentatively run 4/25-5/7.


Title: DECEIVED (The Deception Trilogy, Book One)

Releases: April 26, 2022

Comparables: Resistance (by Jaye L. Knight) x Dare (by Tricia Mingerink)

Genre: New Adult Christian Allegorical Fantasy (it is not YA)

Inspiration Board:


In a land built upon lies and deception, uncovering the truth can be deadly.

Therese Westa is sick of death, but taking lives is what provides for her younger sisters. When a client approaches her with an unusual request, Therese takes the job offer, which includes the condition of “no questions asked”. As Therese uncovers the reason for the request, she is faced with a choice: kill an innocent man or save her sisters.

Therese’s hesitation to carry out the assassination thrusts her into the aftermath of a dangerous chain of events. Caught between security and truth, Therese must choose where her loyalties lie, for the answer will determine who survives.


“If you like to walk with characters through their struggle for survival in an ever darkening world, you’ll have the read of your life time.” – K.R. Mattson

“Very impressive worldbuilding and good characters.” – Cat Williams

I would be very much honored if you joined me in celebrating the release of my debut novel.

The form can be found here.


Orphan’s Song Audiobook Release

Some books are good. Others are great. Then there are a select few that soar above the rest, with superb storytelling, captivating plots, and delightful characters. Orphan’s Song by Gillian Bronte Adams is one such book. Actually, all three books in The Songkeeper Chronicles are, and I’m thrilled to help share the news of Orphan’s Song in audiobook format.

The audiobook for Orphan’s Song releases Tuesday, February 9.

The series is published by Enclave Publishing, and consists of Orphan’s Song, Songkeeper, and Song of Leira.


Her solo is a death sentence.

Deep within the world of Leira flows a melody that was sung at the beginning of time by Emhran, the Master Singer. Now it is broken, buried, forgotten. But in each generation, a Songkeeper arises to uphold the memory of the Song against those who want it silenced forever.

When Birdie first hears the Song coming from her own mouth, her world shatters. She is no longer simply an orphan but the last of a hunted people. Forced to flee for her life, she must decide whom to trust–a traveling peddler, a streetwise thief, or a mysterious creature who claims to know her past.

With enemies at her heels and war threatening to tear her homeland apart, Birdie soon discovers an overwhelming truth: the fate of Leira may hinge on one orphan’s Song.

Pre-order links for the audiobooks:

Orphan’s Song (Feb 9):

Songkeeper (March 9) :

Song of Leira (April 13):