Daughter of Light

Book title: Daughter of Light (Follower of the Word Book 1)

Author: Morgan L. Busse

Starting age: 14


Banished from her village, Rowen Mar sets out to the White City in order to get a job that will offer her security… that is, if no one finds out her secret. But some things that are hidden should not be, and Rowen finds that the secret that has caused her so much pain is actually a gift.

But gifts can come with a price. When a friend of Rowen’s is severely injured, Rowen faces a life altering choice: watch him die, or reveal what she has striven to hide in order to save Daughter of Lighthim. Either choice will bring about consequences.

With evil rising up all around her, and an invasion that could mean the end of her new life, Continue reading “Daughter of Light”


Stopped Cold

Book title: Stopped Cold

Author: Gail Pallotta

Starting age: 15


Margaret McWhorter had no idea that life could take such a drastic turn. That is, until her brother suffers a stroke. But this is no ordinary stroke, for Margaret and her family are stunned to discover that steroids triggered it. Now, Margaret’s brother is lying on a hospital bed, unresponsive.

Margaret vows that she will find –  and get even with – the criminals who sold her brother this deadly drug. Pairing up with  two of her friends, she sets out to get revenge. But thingsStopped Cold are much more dangerous than they seem, and Margaret finds herself and her friends in danger. Margaret discovers that turning to her faith might help her with this fiery resolve for revenge. Continue reading “Stopped Cold”

Hear No Evil

Book title: Hear No Evil (Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Book 1)

Author: Mary L. Hamilton

Starting age: 13


Brady McCaul isn’t sure what’s going on with his mom. She is acting strange and Brady is afraid that something is wrong. At camp, she tells him that he won’t be coming home. Brady is stunned. Why? What did he do wrong? He tries to change her mind, but to no avail. Crushed, Brady wonders how he’ll make it through the week long camp. Rustic Knoll #1

As if his mom’s decision wasn’t bad enough, Brady has a bully in his cabin – and Brady is the target. Continue reading “Hear No Evil”

Chapel Springs Revival

Book title: Chapel Springs Revival

Author: Ane Mulligan

Starting age: 15


Claire Bennett has a habit of sticking her mouth in her foot. Fortunately for her, she always has her best friend, Patsy, to rescue her from the… predicaments that Claire finds herself in.

But right now, that’s the least of her worries. Her husband is despondent, her eldest son is getting married, and she and her entrepreneur friends are giving Chapel Springs a   Chapel Springs Revivalmakeover.

Add in that the mayor is a pain in the derriere, the soon-to-be-blushing bride’s mother is quite difficult (that’s the nice way of saying it) Continue reading “Chapel Springs Revival”

The Gifted

Book title: The Gifted

Author: Matthew Dickerson

Starting age: 14


Elynna watched her village be attacked by the dreaded Daegmon Lord. Few survived. Heading to Citadel in hopes of securing help, Elynna is disappointed by the outcome.

Joining a band of survivors, she leads the group in hunting down the Daegmon Lord. Their The Giftedgoal? To put an end to the horrific murders and terror their enemy is carrying out. After a deadly battle, the Daegmon is finally slayed. But at a great cost, for there are few among Elynna’s comrades that are not severally injured.

Returning back to the battle site, horror spreads when Continue reading “The Gifted”

The Carousel Painter

Book title: The Carousel Painter

Author: Judith Miller

Starting age:  14


Carrington Brouwer finds herself in Ohio at her rich friend’s home after her father’s death. She is in need of a job, but lacks the skills to become a lady’s maid or seamstress – two of the few jobs that single women are allowed to do.

If only she could get a job where she could do what she does best – paint. When Carrington finds out that a painter is needed at her friend’s father’s carousel factory, she enlists the help of an unlikely ally to secure the job.The Carousel Painter

But the men aren’t one bit happy about having to work with a woman, and Carrington finds herself despised by all. Worse than that, she doesn’t even get to paint!

But Carrington finds that her problems are just beginning when Continue reading “The Carousel Painter”

The Door Within

Book title: The Door Within (The Door Within Trilogy #1)

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson

Starting age: 13


Aidan Thomas is disgusted with how his life is going. He’s had to move across away from his best (and only) friend, he knows no one in town, and he’s saddled with his wheelchair-bound grandfather. And the nightmares he’s having aren’t adding anything pleasant to the situation either.The Door Within

But when scrolls suddenly appear, Aidan can’t help but read them. Scoffed by his parents, he keeps quiet, but the scrolls are ever present in his mind.

Aidan takes a step of faith and enters into a world he never knew existed – a world on the brink of war. Continue reading “The Door Within”