Son of Truth

Book title: Son of Truth (Followers of the Word, Book 2)

Author: Morgan Busse

Starting age: 14


Assassin Caleb Tala has always done his cousin’s bidding without question, even when he is sent to survey the war. But nothing goes as Caleb planned. And then there was that woman with the glowing hand.

His sins bared and the darkest depths of Caleb are brought to light – all his sins, all his murders – everything. Shaken and disconcerted, Caleb finds himself in a place he’s never Son of Truthbeen before. What happened, and where is he?

All Nierne wanted was to escape to the White City with Father Reth in search of the last Eldaran.That was her goal. But things didn’t go as planned. Continue reading “Son of Truth”


Dream Treaders

Book title: Dream Treaders

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson


One of the three Dreamtreaders in all the world, Archer Keaton is determined to do his job – and do it well.

But when his two fellow Dreamtreaders go missing and mysterious reports of a trespasser in the Dream reach Archer, his job becomes harder and increasingly dangerousDreamtreaders

But it is not just the Dream that is is turmoil. Continue reading “Dream Treaders”

Daystar: The Days are Numbered

Title: Daystar: The Days are Numbered

Author: Anne Hamilton


Prince Ancelin Bedwyr Cai, better known as Ansey, keeps his ability of the Flair secret. After all, who cares if he can converse with animals? For Ansey, his one goal is to become a knight – but his father stands in his way.

Fern McDey prides herself with her ability of invisibility. In fact, she is so practiced at being invisible, that her own father seems to forget she’s alive. To Fern, no one knows she daystarexists, nor do they care.

Ansey’s life is turned upside down when his dream is crushed. But after a run in with a strange girl from another world, the White Three of the White Tree, two secretive children, and being victim of a kidnapping, Ansey’s life is set on a path he never imagined.

When she is tricked by her stepsister, Fern is drawn into a world on the brink of destruction.  Continue reading “Daystar: The Days are Numbered”

Daughter of Light

Book title: Daughter of Light (Follower of the Word Book 1)

Author: Morgan L. Busse

Starting age: 14


Banished from her village, Rowen Mar sets out to the White City in order to get a job that will offer her security… that is, if no one finds out her secret. But some things that are hidden should not be, and Rowen finds that the secret that has caused her so much pain is actually a gift.

But gifts can come with a price. When a friend of Rowen’s is severely injured, Rowen faces a life altering choice: watch him die, or reveal what she has striven to hide in order to save Daughter of Lighthim. Either choice will bring about consequences.

With evil rising up all around her, and an invasion that could mean the end of her new life, Continue reading “Daughter of Light”

Stopped Cold

Book title: Stopped Cold

Author: Gail Pallotta

Starting age: 15


Margaret McWhorter had no idea that life could take such a drastic turn. That is, until her brother suffers a stroke. But this is no ordinary stroke, for Margaret and her family are stunned to discover that steroids triggered it. Now, Margaret’s brother is lying on a hospital bed, unresponsive.

Margaret vows that she will find –  and get even with – the criminals who sold her brother this deadly drug. Pairing up with  two of her friends, she sets out to get revenge. But thingsStopped Cold are much more dangerous than they seem, and Margaret finds herself and her friends in danger. Margaret discovers that turning to her faith might help her with this fiery resolve for revenge. Continue reading “Stopped Cold”

Hear No Evil

Book title: Hear No Evil (Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Book 1)

Author: Mary L. Hamilton

Starting age: 13


Brady McCaul isn’t sure what’s going on with his mom. She is acting strange and Brady is afraid that something is wrong. At camp, she tells him that he won’t be coming home. Brady is stunned. Why? What did he do wrong? He tries to change her mind, but to no avail. Crushed, Brady wonders how he’ll make it through the week long camp. Rustic Knoll #1

As if his mom’s decision wasn’t bad enough, Brady has a bully in his cabin – and Brady is the target. Continue reading “Hear No Evil”

Chapel Springs Revival

Book title: Chapel Springs Revival

Author: Ane Mulligan

Starting age: 15


Claire Bennett has a habit of sticking her mouth in her foot. Fortunately for her, she always has her best friend, Patsy, to rescue her from the… predicaments that Claire finds herself in.

But right now, that’s the least of her worries. Her husband is despondent, her eldest son is getting married, and she and her entrepreneur friends are giving Chapel Springs a   Chapel Springs Revivalmakeover.

Add in that the mayor is a pain in the derriere, the soon-to-be-blushing bride’s mother is quite difficult (that’s the nice way of saying it) Continue reading “Chapel Springs Revival”