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Are you an author interested in requesting a book review? If so, please carefully read the following to determine if your book is a good fit for Madi’s Musings:

  • Even if the book is tagged as Christian, but contains profanity, sexual content, controversial beliefs, or advocates for things like abortion or other topics that go against God’s word, I will not review it.
  • I investigate the author and other reviews before deciding whether or not to accept.
  • Life can cause unexpected distractions. I will do my best to get your book read as soon as possible, but I may have a backlog or something come up that keeps me from doing so. Your book will be reviewed, but it may take a few months.
  • I do not review horror and it’s sub-genres, Amish, and devotionals. I am also particular on the books I read/review in the supernatural genre. I also do not review pirate books. They aren’t my preference. I am, as well, exceedingly particular regarding contemporary romance. I also do not review Middle Grade books.  I have nothing against that age range, but I don’t read it. So don’t request a review if your book is Middle Grade!
  • Anything besides the aforementioned genres, is acceptable, whether it be contemporary romance, speculative fiction, historical, or anything in between.
  • I review books for young adults and up.
  • I reserve the right to withdraw a review if I find content contrary to the Book Requirements (listed below). It is your job as the author to recognize if your book does not meet said requirements. It’s unpleasant for both of us if I must terminate a review because I was uninformed regarding content contrary to the Requirements.
  • It doesn’t matter if your book is self-published or traditionally published.
  • Depending on where the book is available for purchase, I post the reviews on my blog, Goodreads, B&N (when it’s not giving me grief), Pinterest, and Christianbook. The link is also posted on Twitter and the blog’s Facebook page.
  • I am extremely particular regarding non-fiction books.


  • The book should preferably be written from an Evangelical/Protestant Christian viewpoint. I’ve nothing against clean books, but they are not the books for this blog. It must contain an overt Christian worldview.
  • No profanity. This means no profanity. At all. Neither minor nor major expletives are acceptable.
  • Nothing promiscuous or sexual. A few kisses are fine.
  • The book must be for YA or older.
  • Absolutely NOTHING condemning or bashing Christianity.
  • Absolutely NOTHING condemning or bashing our Constitution. Yes, my political views do integrate into this. I’ll neither read nor review anything degrading the nation my relatives sacrificed so much for to defend.
  • Absolutely NOTHING promoting abortion.
  • Absolutely NOTHING promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT), LGBTQ, the rewriting of history, defunding police, anti-Second Amendment, or Black Lives Matter (BLM).


I am open to author interviews and participating in giveaways – so long as I’ve reviewed your book.

If you’d like to host a giveaway on Madi’s Musings, please let me know. I’d love to assist.

If you have a question regarding one of the requirements or bullet points and/or how they pertain to your book, please feel free to fill out and send a request form with your question in the “Other Details/Comments” box. I’d hate for you to miss out on a review because I either didn’t explain something well or forgot to include something or anything like that.


Please inform me if your adult book can only be read by adults. Most pegged in the adult category can be read by young adult readers. I must know if yours cannot be. Also, I like to know about the author requesting a review. Feel free to drop your author bio in the Other details/Comments section.

If not all of the required fields are filled out, I will neither respond nor consider the book for possible review.



6 thoughts on “Request a Review

  1. Hi Madi, I wanted to reach out to see if you’d be interested in reviewing my book. I’m a pastor, so I’m pretty sure my content fits within your guidelines. The book is called The Outlands. It’s the first of what I’m hoping will be The Outlands Saga. It’s self-published. Sci-fi (dystopia). It’s written for adults but appropriate and readable for YA. I can provide you with any other info you want just let me know. I’ve also included a little trailer I made to help you determine if this would interest you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Tyler:
      Thanks for reaching out to me. The trailer definitely piqued my interest. You can contact my email through the “Have a Question or Comment?” page and tell me more about your book and just reaffirm that it meets the criteria. Thanks!
      Have a great day and happy writing.


      1. Awesome! Sorry for my delay in response. Was out of town visiting family and then got really backed up for a bit. I will send the information over through the comment section and can send you the book if you are interested after that.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi!
    I filled out the form, because I am writing a Christian contemporary story/hoping to write more in the future. 🙂 I saw that you were alright with interviewing almost-writers (I am not published yet).


    Liked by 1 person

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