Introducing CROWN and SR1.5

I am excited to announce that CROWN and Shattered Revelation are now available for ARC signups.

Before we get to that, however, here are the official cover reveals. (Click on each picture to expand.)

(forgive the poor blurbs. They’re the best I can come up with right now.)


The Redwyn Chronicles, Book 0.5


Can a noblewoman-turned-goose girl stop a sinister plot before it’s too late?

All Isadora Fendalva wants is to secure aid for her struggling town, but a maid’s betrayal lands her in a commoner’s field herding geese. With her maid posing as Isadora and hatching nefarious schemes to do away with the royal family, Isadora finds herself relying on the fragments of her faith. Will God answer her pleas, or will evil schemes succeed and be the end of her and the royal family?

CROWN is a Christian fantasy fairy tale retelling of The Goose Girl.

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About Shattered Revelation

Where do you stand in the fight for life?

The Shattered Lands, 1.5


Where do you stand in the fight for life?

As rumors of war grip the Lowlands, a different fight is being waged in the small town of Maerima—a fight for the lives of unborn babies.

 With her town still reeling from the All Lands War, Lady Thana Nalloway’s only goal is to help her people recover—and protect them from more pain and bloodshed. When her council approaches her with a proposal that affects newborns and unborn babies, Thana signs it into law, believing she is saving babies from a potential life of horror and heartache.

 What Thana doesn’t expect is opposition from Boden Kedder, her fiancé. When two different worldviews collide and unavoidable ramifications must be faced, will a broken heart lead Thana to the undeniable truth?

 Shattered Revelation is a Christian fantasy story focusing on prolife vs. abortion.

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*The author offers her sincerest apologies (and condolences to the Marcus fan club) that she was unable to work in Marcus en Rhwyndor.

If you are interested in ARC reading one or both of these stories, you can sign up here.

I will send out the ARCs as soon as they are formatted, which will probably be next week.

This day has finally arrived. I don’t know their release dates, yet, but I do know one will make you laugh and I hope the other will make you cry (it certainly did me). SR1.5 did not go in the direction I first expected, but I am pleased with it nonetheless. These needed to be finished so I could get to work on the Little Mermaid retelling (which I still have no clue what to write).

For those who have been praying for me with the whole spam/one-star debacle, thank you. Your prayers are felt.

Which cover is your favorite? Which story are you looking forward to the most? Have you read IRON or Shattered Reflection yet?