Book Review: Phantom Thief

When a criminally-minded teen meets the law, prepare for a showdown…and a lot of explosions.

Book: Phantom Thief (A.K.A. Simon Lee #1)

Author: P.D. Atkerson

Genre: Young Adult Suspense

ABOUT the Book:

Lee is known as many things. A con artist, master thief, and most times smarter than anyone else in the room. One thing he’ll never be is normal. He never has been, nor will he ever be.

That’s why the agency needs his help, and that’s why he’ll give it to them, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own plans too.

Joining up with the team that arrested him won’t be easy, but he’ll do anything to bring down the man who ruined his life. After he’s worn so many faces, how does he really know who he is underneath?

Most teenagers have hobbies, his is crime.


5 Stars


Phantom Thief is set in a genre I don’t typically read (spy work/thriller), but this book may make me reconsider that. It is also an example of how you can have a solid story with no profanity, extreme violence and gore, and sex, and still have plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Plot
Very intriguing. I’m not investigatory-minded, so it kept me guessing. I definitely did not see some of the twists coming. The thought and detail put into it really shines through and as a fellow author, I couldn’t imagine trying to keep all of it straight. But, somehow, Atkerson easily achieved that.

Can’t say much without giving away the plot, but they were nicely done.

I think Simon Lee–oh, excuse me, Phantom Thief is one of the most multi-faceted characters I’ve read in a while. Mysterious, master snoop, snarky, and a child in an adult’s setting (I know, I know, he’s no mere child–but let’s all admit he’s fifteen. He’s a kid.). The others were interesting as well. I guessed one-point-five characters’ real identities (kudos for me because that doesn’t happen often) but not the rest.

Not a ton of it, but what there was proved to be impactful. I believe it will increase as the series goes on, if I’m reading it correctly.

Content Warning
Fights, injuries, and explosions, none of which are gratuitous. Lies, lots of stepping-around-the-subject, and tempers lost, though it’s not portrayed as a good thing. Overall, it’s a clean read with clean action that I think most ages can comfortably read.

Phantom Thief is an interesting story able to be read by most ages. Atkerson’s bio says she has a black belt in sarcasm; I think her characters do too.

This was a fun read that will keep you snickering at the humor and anxiously awaiting to see what happens next.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed therein are my own.


World of Silence Cover Reveal

Today I am excited to reveal up-and-coming author Kaytlin Phillips’ debut novel’s cover.


Kaytlin Phillips is a homeschool grad who spends her days praising her Savior, reading, writing, blogging and annoying her sisters with random thoughts. She is the fifth child out of seven and resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her favorite hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, theology, history, blogging, ASL, crotcheting, doodling, and anything she does with her sisters or family.

Sisters Three – Naturally Curious (

Kaytlin Phillips | Facebook

Kaytlin Phillips (Author of World of Silence) | Goodreads

Link to World of Silence on GR so people can add it to their to-read list:World of Silence by Kaytlin Phillips | Goodreads

Link to World of Silence ebook pre-order on Amazon: World of Silence eBook : Phillips, Kaytlin: Kindle Store


Silence. Complete silence. That was all I heard.

Fledge Owenby is a deaf archer struggling to be seen for his potential instead of his disability. When forgotten and left behind during a dragon attack, he thinks it is the chance to prove himself that he has been waiting for. But who knew one trip out of the bunker would change everything?

Saved from evil dragons by a dragoness, Fledge wonders why she would help him and soon discovers how similar they are. He is deaf and she is without fire. Drawn together by a bond, not even he can understand, Fledge and Galexia are unwittingly pulled into adventure.

Betrayal of the highest level, deception, and a war that never should have been. Fledge must find a way to end it all while trying to be seen as the boy he is, instead of the disability he has.

Doesn’t this just sound like such an emotional book? And dragons! You can’t go wrong with dragons. Kaytlin, I’m unsure if someone’s already told you this, but Fledge is such an adorable name and Galexia is perfect for a dragoness.

Be sure you add World of Silence to your Goodreads’ TBR list.


Book title: Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, Book One)

Author: Christopher Paolini


Eragon is hunting when a blue stone of unmatched beauty appears. Mystified by its appearance, he takes it home to his uncle. But no one – not even the traders – know what this stone is, nor what it is made of.

And then it happens. The stone that was unbreakable cracks, revealing a dragon. As the Eragondays pass and the dragon grows, Eragon fears the attention it will draw. But is the attention of simple townspeople all he should fear? Continue reading “Eragon”