Kiera Cover Reveal

Today I am participating in the cover reveal for Kate Willis‘ book, Kiera.


Kiera’s life is pretty simple—garden, hang out with her best friend, babysit little Jade, and finish up homeschool highschool. But a global war and mandatory draft turn her eighteenth birthday into a nightmare.

Brennan, Jade’s adoptive dad, offers his last name and exemption status, leaving Kiera to question everything she’s ever thought about love. Even worse, she might actually be starting to have feelings for him. 

Life settles into a routine before shattering again, and Kiera is left with only one question… If God truly loves her, why is this happening?

Limited edition hardcover includes exclusive bonus content.

Kiera is releasing in limited edition hardcover and ebook on 5.11.2022.

And now, for the cover.

Congratulations, Kate, on you cover and book!


Enjoy the Poodle Skirt

Enjoy the Poodle Skirt by Kate Willis


Rule one: Keep your hands clean.
Rule two: Careful with the food trays.
Rule three: Visit the soda fountain as often as you like, but don’t make yourself sick.
Rule four: Enjoy the poodle skirt.

Canary is excited to spend a whole week helping her newlywed aunt and uncle run a 50’s diner along with her older siblings Rose and Michael. Even the rules for working there are fun!

But when a routine cleanup presents a mysterious, hand-drawn map, her vacation gets even more exciting than a banana split with hot fudge sauce. And that’s saying a lot!

A short story.


Sometimes you need to read a short, lighthearted, fun story, and that’s exactly what Enjoy the Poodle Skirt is.

The word that best describes this book is charming. Canary is a fun, extroverted character with a penchant for liking ice cream and naming poodle appliques. The rest of the characters are fun as well, and the setting, a 50’s retro diner, provides a nostalgic feel. I always love it when the MC(s) are homeschooled, and this tale provided a glimpse into the life of a typical homeschooler and homeschooling family. I also felt for Rose, since I too have wayward locks and glasses that never stay where they should.

I do wish we were told what the story was (you’ll see when you read the book), as there was all this excitement and mystery that was resolved without telling us what was so grand and wonderful about the story connected to the map.

Enjoy the Poodle Skirt is a cute little tale which will make you want for summer and ice cream and will reawaken your inner child. I recommend this story for all ages.