Review + Spotlight: Seize the Love

I am so excited to announce the release of Seize the Love, a collection of Christian stories revolving around the four types of love. My story, A Tender Heart, is featured in this collection. Eventually, I plan to expand upon it and publish it as a novella.

Who was he kidding? He was a soldier, a man scarred by war. He wasn’t some fancy poet or scholar.

A Tender Heart


Honoring the Love of the Savior

Agape. Eros. Philia. Storge

All forms of love… Seize the Love pulls readers into an anthology of stories all showing love. A love that honors God even as the reader flips the pages to find the story of a dying request, a random encounter, finding proof of God’s love, reunited siblings, caring for others, finding hope, love among the hard and easy, and more stories.

No matter the form of love, you’ll find stories sure to warm your heart, bring a smile or a tear, and hopefully remind you of the love of the One who created you.

Matthew 22:37

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Featuring various love stories sure to please the whole family.

Sometimes a man was called to sacrifice something dear to him so another could be blessed.

A Tender Heart


Overall Rating:

5 Stars

This rating is given not because I’m in this anthology, but because there are several other stories worthy of five stars. My thoughts and mini review of each story are below. The individual ratings of each will be posted on my blog come release day.

There are:

(5) 5 stars

(3) 4 stars

(4) 3 stars


This Tender Heart by Yours Truly
No rating to be given since I’m the author.

This Tender Heart is a historical romance set at about 1867-8.

A Baker’s Heart by Andrea Renee Cox
A nice little story about two siblings and adorable sheep. The lambs’ names were adorable and I can just imagine little fluff balls leaping through spring fields. I did find the main female character’s name to be a confusing mouthful, though.

Rating: 3 Stars
Loving Amelia by Faith D. Cox
This is a sweet short that will make you sniffle. The interaction between Cassidy and Cory was both cute and sad and yes, I ship them.

Rating: 4 Stars
Small Sacrifices, Great Love by Y.A. Daniels
A story centering on familial love. I liked the faith and the bond between family members. The writing was more telling than showing (I’ll reiterate there’s nothing wrong with a mix of both), so that made it a little slower for me to get into.

Rating: 3 Stars
Everly in Love by Abigail Harris
This one made me laugh. The interactions between brother and sister, and then brother and uncle, kept me chortling. As the eldest sibling, I can well imagine Everly’s irritating with a certain, semi-well-intentioned snoop. The romance was sweet too.

Rating: 5 Stars
A Wooden Heart Can Still Bloom by C.K. Heartwing
This one is so good. I absolutely love all of the faith and Heartwing’s stance against evolution and Darwinianism. It also hit a more personal note, because as a fellow writer, I could feel Wilder’s pain at the rejections. Well done, Heartwing.

Rating: 5 Stars
To Love & To Cherish by H.S. Kylian
A story about a couple, past pain, and a dance. I did find the prose to be choppy and the writing style stiff.

Rating: 3 Stars
Raindrop World by Katja Labonte
This is another lovely addition to this collection. The theme of how gratitude and slowing down was beautifully woven through the short. And Neriya’s name is beautiful as well. The faith content was superb and I think everyone will relate with Neriya’s feelings of giving their all for someone and then being passed over.

Rating: 5 Stars
The Understudy by Deigan Marie
A story about siblings and ballet. I liked the relationship between the sisters. Sometimes the writing style threw me off: She lifted her head. Squared her shoulders. And danced., and I’m not fond of oh my gosh, but other than that, I liked the focus on not being bitter when things don’t go the way we want.

Rating: 4 Stars
Everlasting by M.L. Milligan
Another wonderful story. I adored the sibling bond in this one. Milligan has strong writing that immediately draws you in.

Rating: 5 Stars
Out of Silence Rising by Kaytlin Phillips
This one made me tear up. Not because of the plot, which was so sweet and gentle and pure, but because of the inclusion of Rise by Danny Gokey, which plays a pivotal role in this story. That song has deep personal meaning to my family after a hard time, and reading that part brought back those memories.

Anyway, these tears are your fault, Kayti. Well done.

Rating: 5 Stars
Wanted: A Typewriter by Angie Thompson
A story about a typewriter, AI, and an aspiring editor. I’m not a fan of AI.

Rating: 3 Stars
Proof of His Love by Lilly Wiscarver
I love the pro-life message. Countless kudos to Wiscarver for being so bold in standing for life.

(Content warning: a character is pregnant through pre-marital relations)

Rating: 4 Stars

Overall, this is a sweet story focusing on all four types of love. If you’re looking for a God-honoring anthology, this is the one for you.

Prescott shoved a hand through his hair. The appendage trembled as memories threatened to revisit. “In the war, I used to wonder where God was. Surely He wasn’t on the battlefields littered with carnage and the lifeless bodies of ally and enemy alike.”

A Tender Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you read Seize the Love yet? If so, which stories were your favorite? And, since it’s Valentine’s Day, let me know which couple from The Redwyn Chronicles and The Shattered Lands is your favorite! Also, don’t forget that The Redwyn Chronicles, ebook format, are all on sale for $0.99 for Valentine’s Day.


Seize the Night Spotlight + Two Giveaways

Today I am spotlighting the new release, Seize the Night, which is a faith-based anthology. Congratulations to all the authors! What’s more, I’m hosting an additional giveaway for this collection! That means you have two opportunities to win!

About the book:

An Anthology Honoring the Birth of the Savior

When Oliver is offered help in the search for his son, will he answer the Voice in the night and the forgiveness extended to him?

A lifetime of inferiority; a mistake with tragic consequences—can anything convince Brett that he isn’t too young for Christmas, after all?

A baking mistake pushes a perfectionist out of her comfort zone.

Sometimes forgiveness takes love, patience, and being stranded in a snowstorm.

A young girl struggles to understand Christmas is all about God walking with us through the darkness and making it bright

Two siblings hurting thousands of miles apart. Will a kindly hero make a way for them to reunite?

A wounded prisoner and a little girl teach us about having a Real Christmas.

During the Christmas of 1945, Lane Mueller just wants to get home but getting from Los Angeles to Amarillo is no easy task when going home is what everyone else wants too.

Featuring various genres sure to please the whole family.

Purchase Link:


About the authors:

Abbigail is a dreamer who explores past worlds through the pages of imagination. She desires to write and glorify God in all she does and invites readers to join creative adventures through the written word. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, enjoying her Earl grey tea, and jamming out to music. She lives with her crazy but amazing family in Alberta, Canada.

Chelsea Burden is a homeschool graduate, a first-generation Anabaptist, and a passionate word-lover who enjoys dabbling in etymology (not entomology!) and routinely adds bona fide words to spellcheck! She loves books, people, and Jesus—and a lot of other things too, including chickadees, hymns, snowflakes, and having a good time with friends. She lives in Canada and spends her days writing and doing whatever else comes to hand in her three-generational home. She appreciates hearing from readers, whether through reviews, on the Sheep Among Wolves blog ( or by email (

Julia is a homeschool student living in the wilds of Wisconsin. She enjoys all things reading and writing. In addition, she loves to crochet, and she tries to find an artistic side to everything. Julia usually has about a hundred projects going simultaneously. If only she could stay focused enough to finish them . . .

Abigail Kay Harris is a daughter of the King with a personal degree in book-nerdiness. A sister to seven, her passionate love of the written word and deeper meanings hidden in normal things leads her to spend her time reading, writing, using sarcasm, and defining obscure words. When she’s not chasing words, she enjoys watching shows, classic romance movies, tea, sunrises, and the outdoors, especially mountains, beaches, and forests.

Katja H. Labonté is a Christian, an extreme bibliophile who devours over 365 books in a year, and an exuberant writer with a talent for starting short stories that explode into book series. She is a bilingual French-Canadian and has about a dozen topics she’s excessively passionate about (hint: that’s why she writes). She spends her days enjoying little things, growing in faith, learning life, and loving people. Her short story is part of a longer one which you can download free on her blog:

A reader of as many genres as she pens, M.L. Milligan is on a quest to bring about stories that both excite and inspire. Her Lord and Savior is her strongest weapon, her favorite treat either a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn with a movie—Okay, and getting a new book. This desert-loving gal makes her home in the Sagebrush state, surrounding herself with endless amounts of books and an increasing number of rescues. You can connect with her at

Kaytlin Phillips is the author of two books and a homeschool grad who spends her days praising her Savior, reading, writing, blogging, and annoying her sisters with random thoughts. She is the fifth child out of seven and resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she’s always dreaming about her next adventure. You can connect with her at

Originally from North Carolina, Ryana Lynn currently resides in Maryland with her husband, Jacob, and daughter, Dixie Cross. She is the author of The Battle for Heritage Series, Coffee Shop Christmas and the upcoming Natty’s Warriors Series (To Save a Life coming December 2022). She loves studying the War Between the States and has a passion for blending the truth of what really happened with the Truth of God’s Word. Connect With Ryana Lynn! Website: Instagram: @lifeofheritage

Giveaway #1

Open: December 1st-25th, 2022, winner announced on the 26th.

Prize: Paperback of Seize the Night, swag, release day goodies only given in the release giveaway. Special contributions to the giveaway from other authors (Some authors who are being featured in Abigail Kay Harris’ 31 for 31 Christmas Book Reviews) and a special edition candle from Between the Pages Gifts:

Extra Giveaway!

Prize: A single winner will receive an ebook copy of Seize the Night.

How to enter: Comment on this post and follow the blogger. Once you’ve done that email abigailkayharrisATgmailDOTcom and let Abigail know where you commented with what name, and the email you used to follow the blogger.

Winners will be announced on Abigail’s blog the last day of the giveaway.

18+ unless you have parental/guardian permission. This giveaway is in no way endorsed by anyone except the blogger, and Abigail.

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Writer’s Vision: Interview With Founder Kaytlin Phillips

Today I am interviewing Kaytlin Phillips, founder of Writer’s Vision, which is, “A community of Christian creatives longing to share their love of Christ through their works! Whether that’s through a story they wrote, an article, or their editing skills, Writers’ Vision is a place for writers, editors, and bloggers to find the inspiration and encouragement they need to keep moving forward”.

You can learn more about Writer’s Vision here.

What inspired the idea for Writers’ Vision?

Well, it was a slow-building idea that started in the head of a 16-year-old writer who wanted to connect with a writing community but could find/afford to do so. At the time, I just wrote it off and decided it wasn’t time for a writing community and I didn’t need one anyway. Turns out community is really important. So in 2021, I felt the push to start my own! I’d been tossing around the idea of starting my own personal blog and thought why not combine the two? Making a space of encouragement and tips for writers, while also building a community for them as well!

Who is your target audience for Writers’ Vision?

Writers of any level, bloggers, and basically any kind of creative. I want it to be a safe space where creatives can come to find encouragement, advice, and help when they need it.

Tell us a bit about Writers’ Vision—fun anecdotes, little-known facts, etc..

Well, a fun fact is I pushed out starting the site for two years because I didn’t think anyone would be interested, and then once I had it up, I kind of avoid it for a year…just posting occasionally, enough to say it was alive and I had tried. But then in Sept. I don’t know, God just pushed me back toward it again. So, I remodeled the site, we’re calling it a vibrant vintage makeover, and actually started putting effort into it. The response over the last two weeks has been astounding!

What is your ultimate dream for Writers’ Vision? Why?

I want it to reach as many authors, bloggers, and creatives as possible. I want them to know they are not alone. That what we do matters and even when it feels like a lonely, sometimes expensive, trail…there are other people who feel that too. The why behind it is simple, I want people to know their work, their creative voice is valued and has a purpose! I see you, Writers’ Vision sees you, and we want to help!

What would you say is Writers’ Vision’s goal?

To be there for creatives of all levels and to help them when it feels like nothing is working out. I designed it with the blog as an encouragement and advice tool, then the Community side is for criticism, writing craft help, and beta read sign-ups… the blog is also a tool though, I’m using it to spotlight books, cover reveals, blog tours, spotlight blogs, and interview writers. I want it to be a hub of sorts, a landing and taking-off place for creatives in need.

Is Writers’ Vision more an online haven for Christian writers/authors, or do you open it up for secular/general market?

I designed it with Christian authors/bloggers in mind, but we’re not opposed to secular/general market writers as long as they follow our community guidelines.

What makes Writers’ Vision unique from other online writing groups?

The biggest thing is it’s free. I also don’t let anyone join until I’ve sent them a few questions, usually name, the reason for joining, and social links if they have them. Unless I know you from somewhere the account doesn’t get approved until those questions are answered.

Who are your minions—those who assist you with Writers’ Vision?

As of right now, I have one partner and that is the amazing Louise Taylor! She’s the manager of our quarterly short story contest and also the judge of said contest. It’s been really great working with her. She’s also my sounding board, she reads all my long ramble emails full of random ideas and helps me sort them…lol…so, it’s been a blessing to have her come alongside in this endeavor.

Is Writers’ Vision planning any collaborations or anthologies?

Honestly, I’ve only given it a passing thought or two. I’d love to do an anthology on Writers’ Vision, one of these days, but for now no. I am working on a collaboration post with two other bloggers, which will hopefully give some very valuable insight into Foster Care and Adoption and how to write them well.

How has Writers’ Vision assisted you in your own personal writing life?

It’s given me the drive to keep going. Just knowing that there are some people out there who believe in what I’ve written is really nice. But also, knowing I can get honest feedback from fellow writers has been great!

How can we help spread the word about Writers’ Vision?

Tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends. Sharing on social media or blogs is always helpful. I want as many people as possible to know about Writers’ Vision because community is so important for writers! Like, I cannot stress how much community had helped me grow. So, helping me get the word out there about this 100% writing community would mean the world to me!

How can those interested contact you about Writers’ Vision?

You can contact me via email at ourwritersvision(at) I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thank you so much for this interview, Madi, and for the chance to share about Writers’ Vision! Means a ton to me! 

Thank you so much for joining me, Kaytlin!

Writers, have you joined Writer’s Vision yet? I’ve been in a few writing groups, and I can attest Writer’s Vision is the most laid back and friendliest of them all. If you have, don’t forget to tell your friends about it. If you haven’t, you should.

Unfortunate Events: Authors Interview

I just realized I’m a day late (I honestly thought I was scheduled today) and I feel horrible. My deepest apologies to the authors.

Today I am spotlighting Unfortunate Events and inviting you to an interview between myself and the Sisters Three, who collaborated on this book. They must truly be ingenious, because I can’t fathom how difficult it would be writing a book with others.

We have the spotlight first, then about the authors, and finally, saving the best for last, the interview.


Book Info:

Genre: Young Adult Christian Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Authors: Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips

Cover Art: Jaiden Phillips


Lies are worn as masks, darkness threatens, and fear spreads like fire.

Mazleah has lost its Crowned Prince and the kingdom stands on the edge of ruin. When Kahtan Faber is forced into the King’s army life as he knew it collapses. Thrust onto a team with a brogue-speaking street boy, a secretive lordling, and his hometown bully, Kahtan quickly learns what it means to be alone. As a Blacksmith’s son who has never wielded a blade, he’s nothing more than a failure to those around him.

But when secrets about his teammates are revealed, secrets that could shake Mazleah to its core, Kahtan must decide whether to stand with his team or with his country. Although nothing in Mazleah is ever that simple.

Book Links:

Goodreads Book Link: Unfortunate Events | Goodreads

Amazon Link: Unfortunate Events (The Dragon Prince Chronicles Book 1) – Kindle edition |


Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips are a homeschool writing trio of sisters more often known as Sisters Three. They reside in the mountains of Western North Carolina where they spend their time hiking, reading, writing, and spending time with their family.

Author Links:

You can include as many or as few of the links as you want, the main ones to include are the blog and newsletter which can be found under the Group links.


Linktree (Including all Kayti’s links):


Pinterest: Pinterest

Goodreads Author Profile: Marisa Phillips (Author of Unfortunate Events) | Goodreads


Pinterest: Pinterest

Goodreads Author Profile: Jaiden Phillips (Author of Unfortunate Events) | Goodreads



Group Goodreads Account: Sisters Three | Goodreads



What is your go-to space for writing?

Rissy and Jaidie’s room, Kayti’s room is too…so we write in Rissy and Jaidie’s room almost every evening between 9 and 10 PM.

What is your favorite genre to read?

We don’t have a favorite…lol…we’ll read in just about any genre, it’s more the story than the genre that’s gonna judge whether we like it or not.

Words of wisdom for those who are just starting out on the writing path?

Stay true to what God has laid on your heart. Listen to the advice of those who know more than you do. Never sacrifice your style for the rules of today (because honestly, most of the published books we’ve read don’t follow all the rules we’ve been told we should follow…lol…). Write what is laid on your heart, seek God’s heart for your story, and be brave enough to take that leap of faith!

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

When you have no ideas like it’s just blank up top for no apparent reason…and editing. Editing is just too much like work…lol…Parts of editing are fun but you can only read your own book so many times before it drives you insane.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Probably the first and second drafts, first because we just get to write and not really worry about anything, and the second because we’re not really editing we’re more of adding to the story!

Do you focus on one project at a time or do you have multiple projects going simultaneously?

One project at a time, that’s funny…lol…We work on at least three as a group and usually have two each as personal projects. We’d go crazy if we weren’t working on something, so we keep several going at once!

What project(s) are you currently working on?

As a group we’re working on a YA dystopian focusing on three teens from very different lives, it’s been pretty fun! It is titled 5055 and we’re in the first draft. We’re also rewriting an old fantasy project, it’s a little harder to work with but we’re making some progress! Then editing the second draft of The Dragon Prince Chronicles book 2!

And then we each have personal projects, mainly fantasies, though Kayti is working on a western. But we’ll spare everyone those details since most those have titles we’re not ready to reveal yet…lol…

How do you select the names of your characters?

Either pull from our ‘name book’ which is where we’ve collected a ton of cool names from varying sources like road signs, headstones, and movie credits. Or we pick a letter and then start saying names that start with that letter until we find one we like and feel fits the character. 🙂

Has there been one particular person who has been a major source of influence for one of your characters?

Not really, we have a big family so we’ve definitely pulled from all them, but not one more than the others, we don’t think.

Tea or coffee?

Niether…Hot chocolate is our hot drink of choice, we’d take tea if no hot chocolate was available. But we’d rather have cold sweat tea…lol…Southerners, sweat tea is practically in our blood. 🙂

Mountains or ocean?

Mountains hands down every time! We love our mountains and then mountains out west and just…yeah, mountains are awesome!

What inspired this series and the characters?

Well, the original idea (prologue) was born out of boredom, but we kept going with it because we wanted to know how it was going to turn out. We like dragons, okay, love dragons so writing a story where dragons played a sort of mysterious role appealed to us. There were a lot of things that played part in inspiring the story and we can’t, at this moment, pinpoint one.

The characters were in part inspired by our brothers, who are as opposite as opposite comes but somehow get along pretty well, most the time. So we based the easy bonds between the boys off our brothers. Master Finnick gets his wisdom from our dad, though Master Finnick’s harsh side probably came more from Dad’s dad. (We didn’t tell you this, but Papaw may seem harsh on the outside but he’s a big softy on the inside.)

On average, how long does it take you to write the first draft of a book?

Between 2 months and years…lol…it depends on whether we stick to the project. UF was written in 2 months but we have some books that we started over a year ago still waiting around for completion. But we’d say 2-10 months is the average.

How do you incorporate your faith into your writing?

Well, crazy as this sounds…we just write. We pray about it, know most the time that we want to incorporate it but we let God lead on how much and where. Sometimes the faith scenes sideline us and hit so hard we have a hard time keeping up, and other times they bleed in slowly. It really depends. Most, if not all, our books deal with redemption and so letting it ease it’s way naturally into the story is what works well for us.

Every writer has a message they want to impart to their readers. What is yours?

We really hope to convey an overwhelming sense of hope and purpose to our readers, that no matter what the world looks like God is here in control and He can make something beautiful from something shattered. Redemption and Forgiveness are other messages we love to deliver, and also that family is not defined by blood but rather by love. But overall we want our readers to see God in all we write.
What book of the Bible is your favorite? What makes this particular book your favorite?

There are way too many…um, we love reading the Psalms and Proverbs, Jonah and Ruth are a favorites. But there are so many good stories in the Gospels too! Honestly, we can’t pick.

Who is your favorite Biblical character?

We’ve always liked David, and Peter and Paul…just all have really empowering stories! 

How did you come to be a writer? Was this something that you always knew you were destined to be or did you arrive at this point via another path?

We think our dad knew we were destined to be writers before we ever though about it…lol…he was always encouraging us to write down stories and is why we started writing. He told us to write down a game we were playing because he said the storyline was good, so we did. And here we are 5 years later, still typing out muddled plots and praying our way through tough scenes.

We think the moment we realized this was what we wanted to do was when we finished our first book, the feeling of accomplishment was nice, but we also had more stories bouncing around our heads, more characters begging to be written and so we kept going!

Thanks for joining me, ladies. Congratulations on your latest release!


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World of Silence Cover Reveal

Today I am excited to reveal up-and-coming author Kaytlin Phillips’ debut novel’s cover.


Kaytlin Phillips is a homeschool grad who spends her days praising her Savior, reading, writing, blogging and annoying her sisters with random thoughts. She is the fifth child out of seven and resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her favorite hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, theology, history, blogging, ASL, crotcheting, doodling, and anything she does with her sisters or family.

Sisters Three – Naturally Curious (

Kaytlin Phillips | Facebook

Kaytlin Phillips (Author of World of Silence) | Goodreads

Link to World of Silence on GR so people can add it to their to-read list:World of Silence by Kaytlin Phillips | Goodreads

Link to World of Silence ebook pre-order on Amazon: World of Silence eBook : Phillips, Kaytlin: Kindle Store


Silence. Complete silence. That was all I heard.

Fledge Owenby is a deaf archer struggling to be seen for his potential instead of his disability. When forgotten and left behind during a dragon attack, he thinks it is the chance to prove himself that he has been waiting for. But who knew one trip out of the bunker would change everything?

Saved from evil dragons by a dragoness, Fledge wonders why she would help him and soon discovers how similar they are. He is deaf and she is without fire. Drawn together by a bond, not even he can understand, Fledge and Galexia are unwittingly pulled into adventure.

Betrayal of the highest level, deception, and a war that never should have been. Fledge must find a way to end it all while trying to be seen as the boy he is, instead of the disability he has.

Doesn’t this just sound like such an emotional book? And dragons! You can’t go wrong with dragons. Kaytlin, I’m unsure if someone’s already told you this, but Fledge is such an adorable name and Galexia is perfect for a dragoness.

Be sure you add World of Silence to your Goodreads’ TBR list.