Writer’s Vision: Interview With Founder Kaytlin Phillips

Today I am interviewing Kaytlin Phillips, founder of Writer’s Vision, which is, “A community of Christian creatives longing to share their love of Christ through their works! Whether that’s through a story they wrote, an article, or their editing skills, Writers’ Vision is a place for writers, editors, and bloggers to find the inspiration and encouragement they need to keep moving forward”.

You can learn more about Writer’s Vision here.

What inspired the idea for Writers’ Vision?

Well, it was a slow-building idea that started in the head of a 16-year-old writer who wanted to connect with a writing community but could find/afford to do so. At the time, I just wrote it off and decided it wasn’t time for a writing community and I didn’t need one anyway. Turns out community is really important. So in 2021, I felt the push to start my own! I’d been tossing around the idea of starting my own personal blog and thought why not combine the two? Making a space of encouragement and tips for writers, while also building a community for them as well!

Who is your target audience for Writers’ Vision?

Writers of any level, bloggers, and basically any kind of creative. I want it to be a safe space where creatives can come to find encouragement, advice, and help when they need it.

Tell us a bit about Writers’ Vision—fun anecdotes, little-known facts, etc..

Well, a fun fact is I pushed out starting the site for two years because I didn’t think anyone would be interested, and then once I had it up, I kind of avoid it for a year…just posting occasionally, enough to say it was alive and I had tried. But then in Sept. I don’t know, God just pushed me back toward it again. So, I remodeled the site, we’re calling it a vibrant vintage makeover, and actually started putting effort into it. The response over the last two weeks has been astounding!

What is your ultimate dream for Writers’ Vision? Why?

I want it to reach as many authors, bloggers, and creatives as possible. I want them to know they are not alone. That what we do matters and even when it feels like a lonely, sometimes expensive, trail…there are other people who feel that too. The why behind it is simple, I want people to know their work, their creative voice is valued and has a purpose! I see you, Writers’ Vision sees you, and we want to help!

What would you say is Writers’ Vision’s goal?

To be there for creatives of all levels and to help them when it feels like nothing is working out. I designed it with the blog as an encouragement and advice tool, then the Community side is for criticism, writing craft help, and beta read sign-ups… the blog is also a tool though, I’m using it to spotlight books, cover reveals, blog tours, spotlight blogs, and interview writers. I want it to be a hub of sorts, a landing and taking-off place for creatives in need.

Is Writers’ Vision more an online haven for Christian writers/authors, or do you open it up for secular/general market?

I designed it with Christian authors/bloggers in mind, but we’re not opposed to secular/general market writers as long as they follow our community guidelines.

What makes Writers’ Vision unique from other online writing groups?

The biggest thing is it’s free. I also don’t let anyone join until I’ve sent them a few questions, usually name, the reason for joining, and social links if they have them. Unless I know you from somewhere the account doesn’t get approved until those questions are answered.

Who are your minions—those who assist you with Writers’ Vision?

As of right now, I have one partner and that is the amazing Louise Taylor! She’s the manager of our quarterly short story contest and also the judge of said contest. It’s been really great working with her. She’s also my sounding board, she reads all my long ramble emails full of random ideas and helps me sort them…lol…so, it’s been a blessing to have her come alongside in this endeavor.

Is Writers’ Vision planning any collaborations or anthologies?

Honestly, I’ve only given it a passing thought or two. I’d love to do an anthology on Writers’ Vision, one of these days, but for now no. I am working on a collaboration post with two other bloggers, which will hopefully give some very valuable insight into Foster Care and Adoption and how to write them well.

How has Writers’ Vision assisted you in your own personal writing life?

It’s given me the drive to keep going. Just knowing that there are some people out there who believe in what I’ve written is really nice. But also, knowing I can get honest feedback from fellow writers has been great!

How can we help spread the word about Writers’ Vision?

Tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends. Sharing on social media or blogs is always helpful. I want as many people as possible to know about Writers’ Vision because community is so important for writers! Like, I cannot stress how much community had helped me grow. So, helping me get the word out there about this 100% writing community would mean the world to me!

How can those interested contact you about Writers’ Vision?

You can contact me via email at ourwritersvision(at)gmail.com. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thank you so much for this interview, Madi, and for the chance to share about Writers’ Vision! Means a ton to me! 

Thank you so much for joining me, Kaytlin!

Writers, have you joined Writer’s Vision yet? I’ve been in a few writing groups, and I can attest Writer’s Vision is the most laid back and friendliest of them all. If you have, don’t forget to tell your friends about it. If you haven’t, you should.