The Secret Admirer Romance Collection

This book is an anthology featuring nine Christian historical romance authors. The individual novellas and their ratings are below, in the order that they appear in the collection. The Secret Admirer Romance Collection can be found at or Amazon.secret admirer cover

Some Loves must Remain Secret until the Time is Right.

Declaring one’s love can be hard – even risky – especially when faced with some of life’s greatest challenges. Separated by class, time, distance, and more, nine historical novellas explore the challenges involved when you love someone but can’t reveal your heart to them. Instead, notes of affection, acts of kindness, gifts of admiration, and lots of prayer are circulated.

Can Concealed Love Be Revealed in 9 Historical Novellas?


The Cost of a Heart ~ Amanda Barratt

Newport, Rhode Island – 1897

Nathaniel Evans has stood by Lily Montgomery through a broken marriage and the death of her husband. On the eve of her return into social life, he battles his attraction for her. But he is a servant, she is a socialite.

Rating: 4 Stars


The Advocate ~ Lorraine Beatty

East Texas – 1881

Hannah Davis tries to get Mitch Kincaid, the man she secretly admires, elected sheriff by printing anonymous articles about his qualifications and sterling character. But will the truth win his heart or break hers?

Rating: 4 Stars


Too Many Secrets ~ Molly Noble Bull

Frio Corners, Texas – 1882

Abigail Willoughby hides her feelings for Luke Conquest, the handsome cowboy who introduced her to her mail-order husband. How could she have guessed that her future husband was ninety-years-old?

Rating: 3 Stars


Love in Store ~ Anita Mae Draper

Miles City, Montana – 1890

Hidden love notes hint at what’s in store for a reserved shopkeeper when a straight-talking spinster sneaks anonymous declarations of her affections among the shelves of his store.

Rating: 5 Stars


The Last Letter ~ CJ Dunham

Kansas – 1865

The Civil War has taken everyone Emilia Davis loves. When she receives her dead fiance’s last letter, she embarks on a journey into the Kansas frontier to fulfill his last wish. So who is sending her anonymous gifts?

Rating: 4 Stars


The Outcast’s Redemption ~ Jennifer Uhlarik

Blackwater, Texas -1872

When a reformed rustler is framed for stealing cattle, his secret crush – the daughter of the disgraced lawman who arrested him – comes to his aid. But who really saves whom?

Rating: 5 Stars


Beside Still Waters ~ Becca Whithman

Lawton, Oklahoma – 1901

Sarah Maffey is receiving worrisome letters that make her feel vulnerable. Her handsome neighbor has vowed to keep her safe…or is he playing her for a fool?

Rating: 4 Stars


The Princess of Polecat Creek ~ Kathleen Y’Barbo

Texas and Washington, D.C – 1886

Scandal divided them. Two kidnappings and a wedding later, can a Texas cowboy turned Washington lawyer and the girl who secretly loved him since childhood save their marriage of inconvenience?

Rating: 2 Stars


Love from Afar ~ Penny Zeller

Ellis Creek, Montana – 1880’s

When secret love letters are written in a clandestine plot to bring two lonely hearts together, will love from a distance finally bloom into matrimonial bliss for Gabe and Meredith?

Rating: 5 Stars







Book title: Dare (The Blades of Acktar, Book One)

Author: Tricia Mingerink

Starting age: Thirteen


Courage could cost him everything.

Third Blade Leith Torren never questions his orders or his loyalty to King Respen until an arrow wound and a prairie blizzard drive him to the doorstep of the girls whose family he once destroyed.

Their forbidden faith and ties to the Resistance could devastate their family a second time. Survival depends on obedience, but freedom beckons.

How far does he dare go to resist the king and his Blades? No matter what Leith chooses, one thing is certain. Someone will die.


Language: None

Violence: Some, but not descriptive

Sexuality: None


Book title: Prophet (Books of the Infinite Series, Book One)

Author: R. J. Larson


Ela Roeh is a simple girl from Parne. Nothing special, no one spectacular. But when ash rains from the sky and a vision sweeps over her, her life is suddenly changed.

Ambassador Kien Lantec had no intent of being imprisoned when he went to confront the king of Istgard. But that’s what has happened, and his future is not looking any brighter. How can he possibly change the king’s mind and not get killed in the process?Prophet

Traveling with her crippled sister, Ela, following the Infinite’s instructions, makes her way to Istgard. But will she fail Continue reading “Prophet”


Book title: Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, Book One)

Author: Christopher Paolini


Eragon is hunting when a blue stone of unmatched beauty appears. Mystified by its appearance, he takes it home to his uncle. But no one – not even the traders – know what this stone is, nor what it is made of.

And then it happens. The stone that was unbreakable cracks, revealing a dragon. As the Eragondays pass and the dragon grows, Eragon fears the attention it will draw. But is the attention of simple townspeople all he should fear? Continue reading “Eragon”

Son of Truth

Book title: Son of Truth (Followers of the Word, Book 2)

Author: Morgan Busse

Starting age: 14


Assassin Caleb Tala has always done his cousin’s bidding without question, even when he is sent to survey the war. But nothing goes as Caleb planned. And then there was that woman with the glowing hand.

His sins bared and the darkest depths of Caleb are brought to light – all his sins, all his murders – everything. Shaken and disconcerted, Caleb finds himself in a place he’s never Son of Truthbeen before. What happened, and where is he?

All Nierne wanted was to escape to the White City with Father Reth in search of the last Eldaran.That was her goal. But things didn’t go as planned. Continue reading “Son of Truth”

Dream Treaders

Book title: Dream Treaders

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson


One of the three Dreamtreaders in all the world, Archer Keaton is determined to do his job – and do it well.

But when his two fellow Dreamtreaders go missing and mysterious reports of a trespasser in the Dream reach Archer, his job becomes harder and increasingly dangerousDreamtreaders

But it is not just the Dream that is is turmoil. Continue reading “Dream Treaders”