Cover Reveal: Shattered Reaction

I am so excited to share the cover for the second book in my series, The Shattered Lands. First, about the book and then we’ll get to the best part.

About the Book

War darkens the horizon…

In the wake of destruction, revenge drives Arioch en Kyrida to hunt down the man responsible for destroying half his village. His search leads him to a town where truth is hoarded and secrets lurk in every corner. Solely focused on making his target pay, Arioch cares little for the whispers of approaching evil until he is strongarmed into helping protect one of his most recent nemeses. If Anthi Klarkson doesn’t drive him insane—and if he manages to keep her alive long enough—they may be able to help stop the incoming war in its tracks. But someone wants Anthi dead, and they’ll do anything to achieve that mission.

Zinnia Klarkson wants nothing more than peace for her mourning family, but nearby attacks, kidnappings, and rumors of impending war steal all hope of a quiet life. When a mostly-dead man lands on her doorstep, hunted and without strong chance of survival, she is thrust into a covert operation that threatens her family’s safety. As secrets grow and answers remain veiled, Zinnia must choose between helping a ragtag group of reluctant allies or keeping her family out of harm’s path.

Trust must mend what was once shattered and courage must be sought as a second All Lands War threatens to decimate the six lands.

Shattered Reaction is a New Adult Christian fantasy fairy tale retelling.

Extra Info

Series: The Shattered Lands

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling

Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose Red (this is one fairy tale; Snow White is completely different)

Content Warnings: The same for SR1 apply to SR2.

Cover Reveal

Shattered Reaction‘s ebook is on a special preorder sale for $0.99, so don’t miss out before the price raises to $3.99.

The launch team form is still open, so if you’d like to help spread the word about SR2’s release day, you can go here.

Between Shattered Reflection, Shattered Revelation, and Shattered Reaction, which cover is your favorite? I don’t know if I can choose–they all are amazing.

Cover Design by Crystal designed SR1 and SR2, and I designed SR1.5.

Which character are you most looking forward to reading about?


Review + Giveaway – Counterfeit Faith

Madi’s Musings is participating in the tour for Counterfeit Faith by Crystal Caudill, which is hosted by JustRead.

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About the Book

Title: Counterfeit Faith
Series: Hidden Hearts of the Gilded Age #3
Author: Crystal Caudill
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Release Date: May 16, 2023
Genre: Christian Historical Romance

She’s losing her faith in mankind. He’s lost his faith in God. Can working together restore them both?

As matron of Final Chance House of Refuge, Gwendolyn Ellison has dedicated her life to serving the children deemed delinquents by society. She’ll protect them with everything she has. So when she suspects someone is using Final Chance for criminal deeds, she’s determined to investigate and put a stop to it. But villains don’t like to be crossed–and they’re willing to kill to get their way.

Gwendolyn knows she can’t quit fighting. More than her own life is on the line if counterfeiters go free. She must find someone she can trust to help her expose the criminals and protect the children under her care.

Charming and chivalrous Secret Service operative Josiah Isaacs has never been able to turn his back on a woman in trouble–and capturing counterfeiters is his job, after all. The danger he’s truly worried about is his growing attraction to Gwendolyn when his heart wants to remain faithful to his deceased wife.

As both peril and interest grow, he begins to consider whether a second love may be possible–if they can live through this case. At the same time, he’s put off by her faith in a God he no longer trusts. How can a future together even be possible when their beliefs are at odds?

“Page-turning action combines with depth and richness to create a full-bodied, rewarding read.”

–Jocelyn Green, Christy Award-winning author of The Metropolitan Affair

“Readers who love romance, suspense, and a graceful amount of faith won’t want to miss this story.”

–Toni Shiloh, Christy Award-winning author

“With a host of sympathetic and likable characters (and a few not so likable), a riveting plot that clips along at the perfect pace, and a relatable faith thread, this book [is a] completely enjoyable read.”

–Kimberly Duffy, Carol Award finalist and author of A Tapestry of Light


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Check out the rest of the series:

Counterfeit Love

Counterfeit Faith


Crystal Caudill is the author of “dangerously good historical romance,” with her work garnering awards from Romance Writers of America and ACFW. She is a stay-at-home mom and caregiver, and when she isn’t writing, Caudill can be found playing board games with her family, drinking hot tea, or reading other great books at her home outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

Connect with Crystal by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


4 Stars


Counterfeit Faith contains an interesting plot, lovable characters, and odious villains who’ll make you want to clobber them with Red (if you know, you know). I especially enjoyed the research that went into this book. The historical Secret Service and Pinkerton agencies have always intrigued me.

The plot is Christian historical romance mixed with suspense. I don’t usually read suspense, and I’ve certainly never heard of it mixed with Christian historical romance before, so I was holding my breath as I read. These poor characters! I dare say my heart still hasn’t quite recovered yet.

Gwendolyn has the prettiest name, and I liked how Caudill made her a strong female character, but not a feminist. Josiah is a solid MMC and I liked his character arc.

The kids were adorable, I want Wilhelmina’s story (pretty please), and other characters like Mrs. Flowers made me laugh. I still have mixed feelings on Mrs. Issacs, though. Hopefully she’ll eventually come fully around.

This book had plenty of faith, and I loved it. I mentioned Josiah’s character arc, and this was where he really grew.

There are plenty of prayers, characters attend church and mass, and God’s will and timing are reflected upon. This looks like a short list, but there is a ton of faith packed in this book.

Completely clean and sweet, just the way I like it. Characters kiss once.

An opiate addiction is discussed, characters are injured by the nasties, characters are cut, kicked, beaten, and battered, there is a counterfeit ring, and there’s a brief mention of a young man raping two women, who are then forced to become prostitutes.

Caudill handles everything with tact and non-gratuitous references. Nothing was improper and everything is tastefully addressed.

Counterfeit Faith is a book I believe all fans of Christian historical romance and suspense will enjoy, and I recommend it to everyone seeking clean romance with plenty of faith.

*I receive a copy of this book from the publisher in conjunction with JustRead. The opinions expressed are my own.


(1) winner will receive print copies of Counterfeit Love, Counterfeit Hope, and Counterfeit Faith, a set of bookmarks, 2 stickers with quotes, and a magnet with a QR code to a “test your Secret Service knowledge” quiz!

Be sure to check out each stop on the tour for more chances to win. Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight May 31, 2023 and lasts through 11:59 PM EST on June 7, 2023. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

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Freedom Isn’t Free

Courage and sacrifice come in many forms, many types. Today, we honor those who exhibited the ultimate type of courage and sacrifice and love. From the Battle of Lexington and Concord, to the Battle of Gettysburg, the Alamo, WWI’s Battle of the Somme and WWII’s D Day and Battle of the Bulge, to the Korean, Vietnam, Iraqi, and Afghanistan wars, freedom is paid with the color crimson.

Freedom is paid for, won, and kept by blood.

This is the ultimate sacrifice. This is the ultimate type of courage.

Today we honor those who emulated John 15:13 and laid down their lives for those who would never know them, those who would forget about them, those who would disparage their sacrifice, those who would live in enviable freedom paid for by blood. By honor. Courage. Sacrifice. Love.

To those who fought and died so the United States of America can remain free, there are no words strong enough or powerful enough that can describe the gratitude you deserve. Thank you for your sacrifice.

May we always remember freedom isn’t free.

Happy Memorial Day.

Review: Trouble in Dry Springs

Even the peaceful town of Dry Springs is not without trouble.

Author: Kristina Hall

Genre: Christian Historical Romance


Even the peaceful town of Dry Springs is not without trouble.

When Eliza McCoslin’s brother sends for her, she exchanges war-torn Mississippi for Dry Springs, Texas. Settling into a new way of life proves difficult though, despite the arrival of the man she’s long admired.

Jesse Carrigan comes to Dry Springs seeking work and a place to start the ranch he’s dreamed of ever since his parents lost their farm. What he doesn’t expect to find is the woman he’d like to court—or his former colonel on the run from a deadly threat.

Given the circumstances keeping Jesse and Eliza apart and the danger looming on the horizon, he and Eliza find themselves facing the loss of future love—and life. When trouble comes to Dry Springs, who will be left standing?


5 Stars


When I heard Kristina Hall was writing another historical, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I knew I’d get a good story–I just didn’t know if I’d get another heart-attack inducing story.

I received both.

The plot is solid and interesting. Different from most historicals I’ve read. It trots along at a stead pace that allows the tension to build until you’re staring at the pages wondering if everyone who’s supposed to survive will.

Hall did well portraying a Wild West town, complete with both lovable and easily-hated characters.

I adore Jesse. He’s such a stalwart character, and he’s so humble and honest and just a great hero. I liked how human he was–he wasn’t a superhuman hero we sometimes see who can take on a thirty-man gang and win without breaking a sweat. He’s just a big sweetie who didn’t deserve what happened to him.

Eliza was a dear. I liked how her quiet spirit hid a spine of steel almost no one recognized she possessed. And she’s a bookworm! A double bonus.

The cast of secondary characters were gold as well. Mrs. Reilly kept me snorting with amusement (that woman needs her own book), and her forthright manners and ways created some absolutely hilarious situations. Colonel Burke was set up well for his part in Book Two (which I needed yesterday, please and thank you), and even Peterson grew on me. A little bit. I wasn’t sure what to think of that growly old grumpus at first.

Now, for the villains. Anson was detestable. Downright awful and horrid and nasty and barf. I disliked him more than the “bigger” villain, of whom I was gratified to see receive a fitting comeuppance, but back to Anson. At one point, I had a detailed list of all the ways he should die, complete with being consumed by fire ants. He’s that despicable. I don’t know how Mrs. Reilly, Jesse, or Burke found the grace not to hit him over the head with a shovel, because I certainly would have.

The romance is clean and sweet, and you’re rooting for it the entire time.

As always, it’s my favorite part of books. Hall infused Trouble with a gentle faith that sustained the characters through their difficult times.

A character gambles (which the MCs don’t condone), a character is shot, there’s general violence, a character is turned into a punching bag, and there’s a fight at the end. Nothing is gratuitous and I doubt it would scare any reader.

Hall penned a delightful, engaging tale filled with faith, courage, honor, and sweet romance. I look forward to Book Two. If you are a fan of Christian historical romances, I highly encourage you to read Trouble in Dry Springs.

*I received an advanced copy of this book for potential endorsement purposes. I was neither required to read nor leave a favorable review of this book.

Cover Reveal: Over the Horizon

Today is the cover reveal for Over the Horizon by Penny Zeller.

About the Book

Series: Horizon Series

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance


A most unusual proposal…

Alone in 1870s Idaho Territory, Paisley Abbott has nowhere to turn. With no other options, she finds herself consenting to an unconventional, but mutually beneficial agreement.

During an unplanned return to his family’s farm, prodigal Tyler Shepherdson inherits three orphans. When Tyler finds a woman hiding in the back of his wagon, an idea begins to form and he makes a rash decision that results in perhaps one of the most spontaneous marriages of convenience ever.

Despite an unorthodox beginning to their marriage, will Paisley and Tyler trust God as they forge ahead to create a home for three children? Will love arise from a desperate situation?

In the first book in the Horizon Series, travel to the late 1800s to the town of Horizon in the Idaho Territory with a cast of unforgettable characters, journeys of faith, and abundant humor.

Coming soon, the newest series by the author of the Wyoming Sunrise, Love Letters from Ellis Creek, and Montana Skies Christian Historical Romance Series.

Review + Giveaway – Murmur in the Mudcaves

Madi’s Musings is participating in the tour for Murmur in the Mudcave by Kathleen Denly, which is hosted by CelebrateLit.

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About the Book

Book: Murmur in the Mudcaves

Author: Kathleen Denly

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: May 16, 2023

He came to cook for ranch hands, not three single women.

Gideon Swift, a visually impaired Civil War Veteran, responds to an ad for a ranch cook in the Southern California desert mountains. He wants nothing more than to forget his past and stay in the kitchen where he can do no harm. But when he arrives to find his employer murdered, the ranch turned to ashes, and three young women struggling to survive in the unforgiving Borrego Desert, he must decide whether his presence protects them or places them in greater danger.

Bridget “Biddie” Davidson finally receives word from her older sister who disappeared with their brother and pa eighteen years prior, but the news is not good. Determined to help her family, Biddie sets out for a remote desert ranch with her adopted father and best friend. Nothing she finds there is as she expected, including the man who came to cook for the shambles of a ranch.

When tragedy strikes, the danger threatens not only her plans to help her sister, but her own dreams for the future—with the man who’s stolen her heart.

About the Author

Kathleen Denly lives in sunny Southern California with her loving husband, four young children, and two cats. As a member of the adoption and foster community, children in need are a cause dear to her heart and she finds they make frequent appearances in her stories. When she isn’t writing, researching, or caring for children, Kathleen spends her time reading, visiting historical sites, hiking, and crafting.

From the Author


Picture in your mind the typical male rancher or cowboy. Can you see him? If we’re going for the full stereotype, you’re looking at a tall, handsome man who is, above all, strong. Particularly in the nineteenth century, it takes strength to build a house, install fencing, chop wood, haul water, heft hay bales, and most of all manage cattle. Not to mention the 101 other things it takes to start and keep a ranch running. 

Now consider the aftermath of the American Civil War. Many men never returned from the battlefields, and those who did often returned with injuries that would remain with them the rest of their lives. Some would suffer chronic pain until the day they died. 

In considering whose story I wanted to tell next, I wondered about that last group of men in the context of running a ranch. How could a seriously injured man, suffering chronic pain, keep his ranch going in an era where able-bodied men were more difficult to find? And what about those whose ranches were too new and small to support the cost of hiring help? 

This was the beginning of my inspiration for Gideon Swift–a Civil War Veteran still struggling daily with the consequences of having gone to war, ten years after his injuries sent him home. 

Raised to believe true men were strong and weak men were next-to useless, Gideon’s identity is shattered when an explosion leaves him with brain damage that causes recurring migraines with aura and the loss of periphery vision in one eye. For those unfamiliar, a migraine with aura is a severe headache preceded or accompanied by sensory disturbances called aura. Examples of such disturbances include flashes of light, blind spots, general blurry vision, and blurry or shimmery lines in vision. There can also be speech or language difficulty, muscle weakness, and/or numbness or tingling in one side of a person’s face, one hand, or one limb. Gideon experiences most of these at different times, but his most common sensory disturbance is a curled shimmery line that appears in his vision.

He is further humbled by a series of tragic losses partially triggered by his medical condition. These are the events that send him to California, determined never to work with cattle again, and never to marry.

I am often asked how much of myself I put into my characters. In Gideon’s case, I modeled his pain partially after my own. While I have no peripheral vision loss, nor brain damage, I do have recurring migraines. In my case, these are brought about by my menstrual cycle and only occasionally involve aura symptoms. Still, these severe headaches have lasted from a mere hour, up to nearly a week, and are frequently beyond anything my medications can alleviate. Too often, this pain leaves me unable to function. If I’m lucky I can sleep through it. If not, I lay awake in a darkened room for hours with pain preventing me from drifting into blissful unconsciousness. Nauseousness, foggy thinking, dizziness, and exhaustion are frequently parts of my experience. I have also experienced one-sided tingling numbness and the same curly, shimmering line that Gideon experiences. Yet, I know others who have far worse migraines. So, in describing Gideon’s episodes, I combined my own experiences with those of family and friends whom I have witnessed suffering. 

Through Murmur in the Mud Caves, we see how God works in Gideon’s life and heart to remind him of where his true value and strength come from. It is my hope that his journey will touch the hearts of readers and encourage them in whatever trials they may be facing. We are never alone. Whatever God brings us to, He will bring us through. He loves us and has a good purpose for everything we endure in this life, even when we cannot understand His reasons.


5 Stars


To Bridget “Biddie” Davidson, baking and family are everything. And it’s that loyalty and love that drives her to help and visit someone who wants her monetary help, but nothing else. Well, too bad for that person, because Biddie refuses to ignore those in need–especially when they’re family.

The plot was quite unique and original, and I found it intriguing. And I love, love, love, loved the adoption thread.

I usually don’t care for anything related to California, but this book drew me in, and the setting is partially responsible. Mudcaves? Never heard of them until now. Do I want to visit them? Absolutely not. Did I find reading about them absolutely interesting? Absolutely. Denly painted the setting such a way that I didn’t mind “visiting”, and I felt like I was there, sweating away and blinking sand out of my eyes.

I found Biddie to be a tenacious, spirited, lovable character. Her drive to help and protect her family is admirable.

Gideon. Oh, Gideon. Such a broken soul, so in need of a rekindled faith. He was my favorite. I really, really liked his character arc.

The cast of secondary characters was strong. Ginny–poor dear. I wanted to slap her sometimes, but Denly made her quite the sympathetic character.

This book contains a beautiful and heartfelt faith element. I especially appreciated how men rallied around Gideon. In today’s culture, it seems like discipleship for men is overlooked and cast aside. I found Gideon’s discipleship refreshing.

Very pure and sweet and is in no way unwholesome.

Characters are injured, a character was in the Civil War, characters endure hardship, pain, and struggles; it is indicated a woman was raped in her past, and an off-the-screen occurrence of a character we never meet is briefly mentioned. It is insinuated what men would like to do to a kidnapped woman. Cattle are rustled, a fire happens, and threats are made.

Murmur in the Mudcaves is an enjoyable Christian historical romance that fans of the genre will be sure to find an engaging read.

I liked the Author’s Note, and on a slight side topic, Denly is to be lauded for persevering through personal health problems. Writing is no easy task when one is in good health, let alone when you suffer from health issues. Though those trials persisted, Denly delivered a quality, heartwarming tale.

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in conjunction with CelebrateLit. The opinions expressed are my own.


To celebrate her tour, Kathleen is giving away the grand prize package of 1 set of beautifully engraved, metal measuring spoons, 1 pouch of “Baking Day” potpourri, 1 Cat and Mouse kitchen timer, 1 vintage wooden sign with Christian encouragement message, 1 Cowboy Hat cookie cutter with recipe for Cowboy Sugar Cookies, 1 Kitchen towel that reads, “This Home is our Happily Ever After”, and 1 Kathleen Denly engraved pen!!

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Author Interview: M.L. Milligan

Today I have the honor of interviewing the Lead Endorser of Vicious Emotional Reconnaissance (LEVER), a.k.a M.L. Milligan.


A reader of as many genres as she pens, M.L. Milligan is on a quest to bring about stories that both excite and inspire. Her Lord and Savior is her strongest weapon, her favorite treat either a cup of coffee or a
bowl of popcorn with a movie—Okay, and getting a new book. This desert-loving gal makes her home in the Sagebrush state, surrounding herself with endless amounts of books and an increasing number of rescues.

The Interview

What is your go-to space for writing?
My favorite spot is my desk. I love my desk. It’s huge and accommodating, with my pens and notebooks within reach. I also have some inspirational quotes up where I can easily glance up and see them.

What is your favorite genre to read?
I love to read pretty much all genres (except most romances and horror, which are pretty much the same thing to me 😆), but if I had to pick my favorite, I’d have to say Mystery. I love a good whodunit, without question. Give me a mystery and I’m gone.

Words of wisdom for those who are just starting out on the writing path?
Don’t give up. Many aspiring writers start down the beaten path with vigor and excitement, only for that dim as time goes on. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint, my friend.

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?
How long it takes? 😂 Does that count? I feel like I can get frustrated the easiest at how long it takes me to do certain things, which is silly, but still annoying.

Oh, and fixing plot holes. Hate those things.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Brainstorming. And no, I didn’t have to think about this one. 😂 Brainstorming is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite process to go through. My right brain goes nuts with ideas, and most times, I can hardly keep half of them straight. (But I also love drafting. Seeing your ideas take their first and roughest shape is undeniably satisfying for me.)

Do you focus on one project at a time or do you have multiple projects going simultaneously?
Both? With my current WIP, PROJECT Volt and Co., I’ve mainly been focusing solely on that, but I’ve been known to jot down an idea or two for other projects (mainly brainstorming, as it gives me a break from the very left-side drafting process.)

What project(s) are you currently working on?
Thought you’d never ask. 😁 My current project is entitled PROJECT Volt and Co. I am pleased to report that this book has claimed the title of my heart story. These characters are so near and dear to my heart, and the storyline is one of my all-time favorites. And, one of the Main Characters, Volt, was the one who showed me my writing style, and to me, that makes him one special guy.

How do you select the names of your characters?
I literally have a binder that I’ve written down various names and their meanings in. I just keep who I want the character to be in mind, then start going through them. Process of elimination at its finest.

Every writer has a message they want to impart to their readers. What is yours?
Hmm . . . If I had to pick one overlying message, then I think it would have to be to be bold. To be brave. To not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do hard things. Every book I’ve ever had an idea to write included a person drawing strength from the Lord and using that undeniable power to defeat the darkness. We need more of that in today’s world.

How did you come to be a writer? Was this something that you always knew you were destined to be or did you arrive at this point via another path?
Honestly, I hated writing as a kid. Writing assignments were the bane of my existence, and I avoided them like the plague as much as I could. It was only when I was around fourteen years old and desperate for something to read that was fun and adventurous but not secular or demeaning when I decided to do something about it. And so started my glorious journey to authorhood.

Thank you for visiting Madi’s Musings, M.L.!

What about you, dear reader? What is your favorite genre to read? Where is your favorite spot to read? And what about character names–which are your favorites?

Review: A Tender Hope

As far as Thea Michener is concerned, it’s time for a change.

Series: Cimmaron Creek Trilogy

Author: Amanda Cabot

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Publisher: Revell


As far as Thea Michener is concerned, it’s time for a change. With her husband murdered and her much-anticipated baby stillborn, there is nothing left for her in Ladreville. Having accepted a position as Cimarron Creek’s midwife, she has no intention of remarrying and trying for another child. So when a handsome Texas Ranger appears on her doorstep with an abandoned baby, Thea isn’t sure her heart can take it.

Ranger Jackson Guthrie isn’t concerned only with the baby’s welfare. He’s been looking for Thea, convinced that her late husband was part of the gang that killed his brother. But it soon becomes clear that the situation is far more complicated than he anticipated–and he’ll need Thea’s help if he’s ever to find the justice he seeks.

Amanda Cabot invites readers back to Cimarron Creek for a tender story of loss, betrayal, and love in the majestic Texas Hill Country.


4 Stars


This was an enjoyable Christian historical romance.

The characters (the ones that should be liked) are sweet and perfect for their roles. It was good to meet up with Thea again after Paper Roses, and Jackson is quite the likable hero. Aimee and the cast of secondary characters are good too, although I wasn’t that fond of Edith Harris. Persnickety old hen needed a wallop to the upside of her noggin.

The plot was a gentler, slower pace, allowing the reader insight into Thea’s healing. I must admit I was a bit disappointed because the ending felt a little anticlimactic.

I am in no way a Texas person, nor would I ever want to live there due to the heat and tornadoes, but Cabot made Cimarron Creek sound lovely.

One of my favorite parts is a certain adoption thread. I adore pro-adoption stories, and this book is endeared to me because of it.

Characters pray, attend church, and rely on God.

There are insinuations of rape. Not graphic, and Cabot handled it so tastefully, but younger readers do beware. Because of this a secondary character has a child out of wedlock.

Characters are injured through knife-and-gun related injuries. Two characters we never meet are murdered. A gang’s past crimes are discussed. There is the potential for infidelity from a character we never meet. Like I said before, Cabot handled everything tastefully, and I thought no aspect was questionable or gory. Mature teens can read this without issue.

Very clean, which I liked. A few kisses, neither of which go “too far” in description.

This was the only Amanda Cabot book available at the library, and you can bet I’ll be returning for the rest when they’re returned (why must others have the audacity to check out the books I want to read?).

A Tender Hope is a book I recommend for every fan of sweet Christian historical romance.

Jump Into Spring Giveaway

CROWN is part of the Jump Into Spring giveaway, which features eight CF books—all of which you could win.

The Jump Into Spring Giveaway runs 5/8 through 5/13. The 1st place winner will receive all eight books (authors’ choice of format) and the 2nd place winner will receive three books (authors’ choice of format) of their choosing. A variety of genres, from fantasy to historical romance to suspense and more, are featured.

Never fear if you don’t have social media–there are author newsletters and blogs you can follow to gain points. Most importantly, for an additional set of points, you have to answer this question: What is your favorite thing about springtime?