Help Me Name a Character

Calling all readers. I need assistance choosing a name for a character.

She will be featured in a Redwyn Chronicles novella as the main female character in a Little Mermaid retelling. The MMC’s name is Denton. I have narrowed this down to five possible names, all of which are water-related.

You can find her here and here.

What Should Her Name Be?

  1. Morwenna

If you’re looking for an ocean-inspired name that’s uncommon, Morwenna might be it. It means “waves of the sea” and is Welsh in origin. It’s starting to see a comeback in Wales, where it originates, and is slowly making its way stateside. (edited) 

2. Nerissa

Of Greek origin, Nerissa is a girl’s name and means “from the sea.” It’s not as common as its similarly-sounding sisters Melissa or Marisa, but it still has the same meaning.

3. Meri

(Estonian and Finnish origins) means ‘sea’.

4. Eydís

Exact meaning and origin unknown

5. Sereia

Mermaid. Origin unknown.

What are your thoughts? What should I name her? Are you excited for IRON?


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