Shattered Reflection: Release Day (+ Giveaway and More)

Today is an appropriate day for SR1’s release. One, it’s the winter solstice. And two, it’s cold. And windy. And blowy. And cold. As in -40 degrees with heavy snow.

So, happy release day, Shattered Reflection. You were a doozy of a book to write.

Keep scrolling and you’ll learn some quick facts, how to enter an epic giveaway not just for SR1, but five other retellings as well, and a mini-character interview.

The World

Quick Facts:

  • SR1 is my first published story incorporating 5 POVs. I once swore I would never read a book with more than three POVS, much less write one. And now look at me.
  • My favorite character is a toss-up between Marcus and Breac.
  • SR1 was originally inspired by Ruins by Ledger, a picture of an exhausted queen, and the desire to have more nonmagical fairy tale retellings.
  • SR1 is the first in a series with four projected books. Marcus en Rhwyndor will be the only common POV in these four novels. At least three novellas are in consideration as well.
  • SR1 is heavy. Some might call it dark. It was hard to write those weighty chapters, but they’re there for a reason. I do not believe in shock value. These have a purpose, and that purpose is twofold: to strengthen my characters’ faith and remind readers that no matter what we endure, God will never forsake us.
  • SR1 wasn’t supposed to happen. It really wasn’t. I wrote the first few chapters and called it quits, only, in January of 2022, to have the idea keep nagging at me. 113,000+ words (counting errors and erased chunks) were hastily written in less than three months.
  • The betas claim they barely survived. Since they’re still here and pestering me for some reason about being nice to my characters, I question the veracity of that claim.
  • SR1 was compared to Jaye L. Knight’s Ilyon Chronicles. You may wonder why that’s in bold. It’s because Knight is one of my all-time favorite authors and to even be considered in the same category as her is wow. And unexpected. Totally unexpected. But so, so cool.

Characters Interview:

We are now entering a mini interview. Thank you to Saraina, who sent in the questions.

SW: What are your thoughts on ice cream?

Loren: I’ve heard of it, but I still don’t know what it is.

Layree: I’ve never heard of it.

Breac: Kor has mentioned it numerous times, something about it being frozen milk or something, but we haven’t found a way to replicate it that satisfies him. He always claims it’s incorrect. Doesn’t stop him and Tandri from eating the attempts, though. Then they’re all wired and energetic and I have to deal with their pranks.

Marcus: I’ve seen it while traveling through the Coastlands, but I never had time to stop and try it. It can be made in many different colors, although I don’t understand why anyone would want to try something that supposedly tastes like frozen raspberries covered in too much sugar.

SW: Loren and Layree, what’s it really like to be fifteen minutes apart in age?

Loren: It’s not any different from having a sibling that’s a year or two younger, except that Layree is really close in age to me. The fact still stands that I’m the eldest, even if it’s by fifteen minutes. That means I get to play the eldest card when it’s necessary.

Layree: Ignore him. We’re the same age with less than half-an-hour’s difference between us. In fact, Mother may have been incorrect about who is the firstborn. Heaven knows I am the more mature of the two.

Loren: Wait, what? Just how did you arrive to that absolutely incorrect conclusion?

Layree: I’m not the one who’s always getting into scrapes and having people try to kill me.

This argument has been relocated to another room due to the siblings delaying the remainder of the interview.

SW: Breac, what annoys you most about Canon? chuckles

Canon is my best friend, and he’s had my back countless times. I’d probably be dead if not for him. But he does have a few annoying qualities, like he’s always so chipper and he always has to try one-upping me on insults, which then results in an insult war, which Silci usually has to break up, and she’s never thrilled about that. And guess who usually gets blamed for starting it. Yes. Me.

SW: Marcus, what’s one of your happiest memories? (Heaven knows he needs more of those. commences to weep)

One of my happiest memories was when I was nineteen. It was Gramps’ birthday and we all went fishing. I managed to catch the largest fish. That was one of the last times I was ever able to participate in a family event.

SW: Nordica, what would you say you genuinely love about being queen?

I love the ability to do my best to undo the evil and pain my aunt and uncle inflicted. While I cannot fully erase and mend the swath of destruction they caused, I can give my people fairness and a promise that I will never be like the despots they just experienced.


Shattered Reflection is included in the Broken Mirrors, which is a group of six Snow Queen retellings which release this week. You can enter to win a paperback copy of all of these wonderful stories here:


About SR1

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling (nonmagical)


Can hope be found for four shattered souls?

Princess Nordica Icerri’s crown will be purchased with blood—her blood. Now the sole heir to the throne, she is determined to be the queen the Snowlands deserve, but that comes with a price: a numbed heart and soul. Only when she meets kidnapped physician Loren Alocer does Nordica allow herself to hope she can become queen without completely losing herself. But not everyone wants what’s best for the Snowlands, and Nordica’s upcoming rule is compromised at every turn. Can the criminal physician—and his faith—thaw Nordica’s heart, or is she destined to be the heartless queen she is being forced to become?

War shattered not only Breac Finson’s heart, but his faith as well. Tired of fighting, Breac only wants to be left alone, but his efforts are for naught when a friend calls in a favor. He soon finds himself in an unexpected alliance with Layree Alocer, a woman determined to find her wrongfully-kidnapped brother at all costs. Can a broken soldier help right a wrong—and find his faith again in the process?

Sides must be chosen and loyalties will be tested as a new war approaches. Can broken lives be mended in time to help save the Snowlands, or is evil already too deeply embedded?

To see content warnings and what other readers are saying, follow the Goodreads link.

Inspiration board:

Also, if you snoop around enough on my Pinterest and Goodreads, you’ll find Book Two.

Thank you so much for joining me in SR1’s release celebration. I have been awaiting this time for a long while, and it’s exciting that it is now here. Have you entered the giveaway? You only have six more days for a chance to win. If you are, by chance, the winner, you’ll not only receive a copy of SR1, but character cards, as well.

What is your favorite snowy story? What about your favorite fairy tale retelling? If you read SR1, who was your favorite character?


24 thoughts on “Shattered Reflection: Release Day (+ Giveaway and More)

  1. Vanessa Hall

    My favorite character? Well, that’d be a toss-up between Loren, Marcus, and Nordica. Probably Loren and Nordica in the middle, then Marcus in the end. (Just because he was unresolved.) 🙂

    And yay for release day! I’m so glad the Lord kept you writing this book!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alyssa

    We did almost not survive, I’ll have you know. I think my heart is permanently cracked in a few places. 🤨

    I am so glad Marcus is a POV in every book!!! ❤

    Loved reading the interview questions!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saraina

    Ack! I was just beaming the whole way through this post!! It’s late(ish), but congratulations on the release of Shattered Reflection!!! Please thank Loren, Layree, Breac, Nordica, and Marcus for me for answering those questions! I LOVED reading their answers. (Although I hope I didn’t start too big of a…*coughs* debate between Loren and Layree in regards to their age difference 😁 😜)

    Liked by 1 person

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